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Replying to @ThatEricAlper: “I start in the middle of a sentence and move in both directions at once.”
- John Coltrane

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“I start in the middle of a sentence and move in both directions at once.”
- John Coltrane

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Is Nathalie’s #1 problem her deep-seated belief that she’s better than Mike: higher IQ, better looking? It’s her jealousy & desire to be right that will destroy them. So Mike has a female best friend? Look inside yourself if you see that as the issue #90DayFiance

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Stephanie’s projection onto Ryan: sad. The only info we have re: cheating in the relationship’s b/w Steph & Harris (who she calls immediately @ the hint of breakup). Worse, the accusation of Ryan stealing when she can’t find something is disgusting #90DayFiance #90DayColonialism

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So, was Jovi’s mom into hair metal back in the day? Singing “In and Out of Love” into her hairbrush, gazing at a full-size door poster of Jon Bon Jovi? I’ve been wondering 🤔 #90DayFiance

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Tarik! Stop helicoptering Hazel. Let her mow your weeds, man. Your yard is busted. Were you waiting for her to get her K-1 & come to VA Beach to mow your grass? #90DayFiance

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Andrew has a tendency to use “I, Me, My” in every utterance. He’s trying to sell Amira on traveling to Serbia, after his nightmare Mexico plan backfired. Then he presents the Serbia plan to his mom as if it’s Amira’s idea. What a champ #90DayFiance #GaslightersOf90DayFiance

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PULL. YOUR. MASK. UP. #90DayFiance

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When you look up the term “Ugly Americans,” you find a picture of Jovi & his parents #90DayFiance

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Rebecca: “This place so beautiful food. I promise.” Is Rebecca’s way of speaking broken English to Zied a help or a hindrance? I feel like modeling conjugation & pronunciation would serve Zied better as he learns a new language. I’m open to other interpretations 🤷🏼‍♀️ #90DayFiance

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Here, Rebecca shows the horrible trait called jealousy, & indirectly explains the reason why women are destined to fail at having each others’ backs #90DayFiance

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I truly hate that Mike has trouble recognizing the benefit of counseling. I also hate that (as far as I can see), counseling will not help if they remain so closed off from each other #90DayFiance

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The gaslighting is intense in this one. From the cloying question “Why wouldn’t you want to play w/ cute animals,” used to diminish Julia’s concerns, to telling his parents the reason Julia wants to leave is b/c of the animals, & not that they’re human traffickers #90DayFiance

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Jovi. What a nice guy. His reaction to Yara’s pregnancy embarrassed ME, & I’m not even there. What a peach 🍑 #90DayFiance

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Brandon’s folks give us a window into their parenting when they both yell @ him that he’s “the man” in his relationship with Julia #90DayFiance

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“I’ve been out here enjoying the rays, getting some Vitamin D, but I’m missing you” -Andrew, enjoying some self-care & “the vacation he paid for,” while his fiancé is deported thanks to his genius plan that fell through #90DayFiance

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Ah, the 90 Day Fiancé faces of Toxic Masculinity. Maybe there will be a calendar! #90DayFiance

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It’s been an emotional rollercoaster with Nathalie. Not forgetting the hateful barbs from last week, but giving Nat a chance to pull it together. She responds well to mama advice #90DayFiance

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I feel for Amira’s dad. He’s been really worried about his daughter, and his put a lot of thought into what to say to her in regard to the man she loves. Meanwhile, in Puerto Vallarta, Andrew soldiers on... #90DayFiance

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Here’s Andrew, worrying about Amira. He’s bravely practicing self-care in Puerto Vallarta, while she’s been in a detention center and deported back home. Poor Andrew #90DayFiance

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