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I swirl and I...🧘🏾‍♀️🔮🖤💜🕯✨🌙🇺🇸🇨🇺🇩🇴

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Quoted @paramountplus

#ParamountPlus is bringing back your favorite babies: The Rugrats. The new series features the original voice cast with an updated animation style.

We’re getting a Rugrats reboot and not gonna lie...the animation actually looks nice. Updated, but still true to the original look.

Paramount has been doing their thing with the reboots. If we get Salute Your Shorts and The Secret World of Alex Mack, I’m really gonna lose it! 🤪

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I Care A Lot, on Netflix, is the most annoying movie I have ever watched in my life.

I fucking hate it. I’ve never wanted to punch a face so badly in my life.

Marla deserved to be tortured and torn to pieces. Her ending wasn’t satisfying enough.

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Quoted @BDisgusting

The subtitle for the next Friday the 13th movie is the title of the last horror movie you watched.

Fill in the blanks:

Friday the 13th: ________

Friday the 13th: Darkness

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Me, seeing Friday the 13th trending and thinking Friday is the 13th, knowing today is the 24th. 🥴

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Y’all got me heated all over again with all this Cersei talk! I was minding my business with GOT behind me! @HBO @GRRMspeaking Y’all did us dirty with Season 8! 😭 DB Weiss and David Benioff will have special seats in hell!

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Quoted @abacus52_

Cersei was playing chess not checkers about Margaery

Cersei should’ve invested all of that energy in keeping her children alive. 🥴 Spent her life fucking her brother and throwing tantrums...just to perish in a pile of bricks. She didn’t even go out like the boss she THOUGHT she was. Never faced any of her enemies. Chess, WHERE?!

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I can watch “The Wrong” series all freaking day. They’re so good! 😩 @lifetimetv, this is the best thing you’ve ever given us. 🥺😭 We don’t deserve @MsVivicaFox.

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Quoted @snydercut

“They said the age of heroes would never come again.” Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrives on @HBOMax March 18th. #SnyderCut


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Cracker Barrel employees will have to tell me to my face to drive 35 miles down for some NEGRO PIES, to get me to stop eating there.

I don’t care. Their food is good. Fuck off.

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Quoted @SteveZwitter

@AjiSaineyKahESQ For those who don't understand what happened to her. Here's the initial video. She used gorilla glue on her hair ..

Son 💀😂🤣😭

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Quoted @albertoutspoken

Wtf is going on in New York 😭


Son, I’m crying. 💀😂🤣😭

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Once Harriet Tubman is put on the $20 bill, I want all my change in 20s.

I don’t give a fuck if my change is $5.99. I want it in a $20 bill. 🥵

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That interview with Dr. Birx is a travesty. She’s not brave for telling her story now. She doesn’t deserve solace, or acclamation.

She’s an embarrassment to her craft. All of her previous accomplishments were for nothing. She’ll be remembered for closing her eyes to her oath.

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Reading the “so Facebook” thread and I’m just wondering why people are still using that trash ass app.

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Reading the Dr. Birx thread, and people keep sharing the clip of Trump telling people to inject bleach and disinfectant in their bodies.

I’ll never forget that day. 2020 was wild.

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Senate Majority Leader Schumer: ...will have to decide whether Donald John Trump incited the ERECTION.

Our grown asses:

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