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Quoted @ASAP_Pipa

I've always had mixed feelings with this (specially after finishes) and I'm glad to see Michael Chandler say that too. I've never heard a fighter say that before.

I liked this guy in bellator, then he started annoying me, during this fight week he came across a lot better and this interview was also perfect. Seems a real good guy

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Replying to @Maclifeofficial: Bragging rights for a lifetime! Opt In for a chance to win the worlds most Notorious Wall Ornament!

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Bragging rights for a lifetime! Opt In for a chance to win the worlds most Notorious Wall Ornament!

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Did Hooker fancy fighting tonight? Reminded me of Pozzinibio the other day just inviting pressure and throwing a couple of legs kicks, rubbish

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Very impressive performance from Muradov

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I fucking love Dustin Poirier, tomorrow is gonna be a fun card!

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10/3 Chiesa decision, disappointed I didn't jump on, good value! Not so good fight, although Chiesa's grappling was immense

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Split decision for either fighter i reckon, I'd go for Chiesa purely for the better odds, very even match up

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Max is just on another level since losing his belt

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Glad he got knocked out cocky bastard 😂

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Never understood why west hrom never started grosicki

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Ufc being on at 6pm is just a blessing

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Anyone else struggling with fatigue every damn day after covid?

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Quoted @BenKentish

The UAE, including Dubai, has been taken off the travel corridor list, (in a major blow for British influencers).

Best news so far this year

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Quoted @sid_lambert

31 years ago today a Swansea fan scored at Anfield in the midst of an 8-0 tonking in the FA Cup.

So much to love here: the shoes, the jeans, the wistful, melodic slow-mo. And then the steward’s slide tackle that finally cleans him out.


Never forget this hero

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So everyone is just gonna ask the same question but worded different it would seem.

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Curb your enthusiasm is still the best sitcom I've ever seen in my 25 years on this planet

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Quoted @ruqaiya_h

Everywhere on my journey has been safe and organised but as soon as I reach the UK, the shit show begins almost immediately lol

1- why are people travelling during a peak spike of the virus.
2- why is it a surprise that it is spreading like wildfire when it is this congested in an airport?

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Quoted @toryboypierce

At last a Home Secretary who is doing her job. Priti Patel deports over 1,100 foreign criminals in 2020 via @MailOnline

Just waiting to see the human rights morons try and justify them staying here...

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