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Sometimes I wonder, whether #Giuliani has been working hard for years to get revenge on #TheRealDonaldTrump by leading him into one legal absurdity after another. No one has done more to enable #45 in making a fool of himself.

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That we still have a shortage of PPE and of tests all these months later is criminal. #COVID19

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Let's all tell Trump what an absolute winner be becomes when he concedes. #Election2020results

Hosanna, hey sanna, sanna sanna ho
Trump the superstar.

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Dear #BidenHarris2020

Please, please,
No concession speeches!

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Quoted @BerniceKing

Share these Voter Protection Hotlines. #Vote #Vote2020

Share widely. Might be necessary for US voters.

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Funniest #2020Election news of the day,
Donald is furious at Obama
for violating Presidential norms.

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Watching #Covid Don bring his circus from state to state spreading infection is a marvel. #Vote2020

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If my math is correct, approximately 10 people in the US have died from Covid for every lie #45 has told.

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#45 asks everyone for a loyalty oath. Did he ask #AmyConeyBarrett for a loyalty oath?

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Just watched 2 smart people, whose knowledge I respect in many things, giggling about their ignorance in math. Realized that laughing at math ignorance looks just like laughing at drunk behavior.

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I wish that #Trump had included an encouragement to people to start wearing masks in his recorded statement from the hospital. I had hoped that having gotten #COVID19 he might have prevented more people from becoming infected. #Trump does not learn. #sad

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Will we now see the creation of a Syndicate of Anarchist Cities?

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To my friends in Washington DC, if you go to the steps of the Supreme Court in memory of Justice Ginsburg, please place a stone of remembrance for me.

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Now that we have a shadow President,
#Biden as the future #46,
where is his shadow cabinet?

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To anyone suffering through the #RNCConvention , I recommend spending the week watching the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs instead. It may possibly even keep you from throwing things at your screen.

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The time was right for me to watch Costner's The Postman again. What a prescient view of the US after a second #45 term, a nation built on tyranny.

And of how the impossible can be achieved step by step by the people.

A wonderful tribute to the fundamental value of the USPS.

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If part of the money for the USPS is meant to cover overtime for the postal workers, is there a way for it to be crowdfunded? Let's overcome #USPSsabotage

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How come almost no one is correcting #45 in his assertion that his nomination acceptance speech is a government activity? Even #msnbc seems to have missed this point. #hatchact anyone?

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Quoted @KamalaHarris

The USPS delivers medicine to our nation’s seniors, helps small businesses, and ensures people can safely cast their ballots.

It should concern everyone that the Trump administration is actively undermining the USPS during a pandemic and right before the November election.

I can imagine few actions against our institutions more despicable and unpatriotic than destroying the USPS. Destroying it in order to mess with an election makes it even worse.

BTW, we also need it for people without Internet to be able to communicate and to pay their taxes.

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Almost got into trouble today. Lady in the post office was complaining about long lines. The clerk was patient. I wasn't. I told complainer to take it to #45 and his new postmaster. Got a nod from the PO clerk and anger from the complainer.

Messing with the USPS is unpatriotic!

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