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.@mozhganmoaref is stuck in Jakarta, living without rights. With journalist @nicole_curby, she brings you into the lives of refugees like her, who are trapped on Australia’s new borderline, in Indonesia.

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Una Habitación Propia from @WomenNOWSP is a Spanish podcast dedicated to extraordinary women breaking molds and changing traditions.

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In The Goodness Podcast, host @NoorTehini celebrates the inspirational stories of women living in the Middle East. Listen in on honest conversations about topics affecting women's health.

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Comedian @vmilsom is a mum on a mission to reduce her tiny newborn's massive waste footprint. Zero Waste Baby is a funny podcast about motherhood from Australia.

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.@KelleddaMurgia and @Chiaratagliafer share stories of rebels, visionaries, revolutionaries and other women who don't fit any stereotypes in Morgana. (Podcast in Italian.)

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Take a look behind the curtain at what fuels your favorite musicians in South Africa's @texxtalks, hosted by Tecla Ciolfi. In the latest episode, she talks to @Ami_Faku.

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.@RanaNawas interviews women who are shattering ceilings and leading the charge in the business world in @WhenWomenWinPod. Listen to this show from the Middle East:

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It's the annual Ladies Special on @maedinindia. Host @maebemaebe talks to some of the newest acts exploding on the indie music scene about smashing the patriarchy, telling people you love them, camaraderie, sustainability and more.

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Shut Up She's Talking is an Australian podcast that explores sisterhood from every angle.

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Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay by getting to know women-led podcasts from around the globe. 👇

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Women are leading conversations, telling stories and engaging listeners all around the world. This #InternationalWomensDay, discover more podcasts by and for women.

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Get to know why @PantsuitPolitic means so much to co-host @bluegrassred. Then be sure to listen to the show and see why it's our Apple Podcasts Spotlight.

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ICYMI - poet @theamandagorman reflected on the transformative power of poetry on @TheDailyShow with @Trevornoah.

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50 years ago, Masterpiece Theatre was born. A special series from @masterpiecepbs shows how the most unexpected and unlikely of series grew into one of the longest-running primetime television icons of all time.

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You will burn for this podcast. The official #Bridgerton podcast is here.

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What drove @nkybeth to start co-hosting our Apple Podcasts Spotlight pick @PantsuitPolitic? Listen to her story and check out the show:

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Approximately 2,500 juveniles have been effectively sentenced to die in prison. One of them was David Luis "Suave" Gonzalez. Hear his story and how he got a second chance at life in a podcast from @futurostudios and @prx.

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Evil or righteous? Manipulative or brilliant? Get to know the stories behind the many women wronged by mythology this month on Let's Talk About Myths, Baby (@mythsbaby).

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Women continue to carve new paths and create opportunities for each other. Listen to shows from and by women of all walks of life in our #WomensHistoryMonth collection.

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