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Just a southern gal dealing with #autoimmune diseases. #Dermatomyositis, #Scleroderma, #Sjogren. Reality tv junky! #All90Days,#Plathville,#MAFS,#FatFabLife,#LPBW


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How did Tammy eat 32 meals in 2 days?! I can't imagine how big her stomach is!! I guess the meals are delivered monthly. If not, who ordered that many?! They need to come daily & bring only the meals for that day. #1000lbSisters

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They are eating things like chicken salad & wings at the shower. Umm, neither is diet food!!! #1000lbSisters

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Jerry doesn’t give a 💩about Tammy, he wants his 15 minutes of fame! The web says that he has dated 4 other obese, reality show women. Also, he doesn’t need to eat junk food around her, however, it’s up to Tammy, she has to take responsibility for herself! #1000lbSisters

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32 ounce milkshake, speechless! #1000lbSisters

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How in the hell does Tammy only brush her teeth twice a week?! I can’t imagine what her breath smells like!🤢🤮 #1000lbSisters

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WTF!! In next week’s episode Tammy says that she doesn’t think she’s lost the weight that she was supposed to because Chris didn’t check on her as much as he said he would. WTF!!! NO ONE is responsible for her but her!! That totally P.O.’s me !! #1000lbSisters

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The trainer said he wants to get Tammy out of her comfort zone. All he has to do is make her move a pinkie! #1000lbSisters

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After reading that Tammy knows that Jerry is married & his wife is sick, I have absolutely NO respect for her. She was already getting on my nerves. They need to stop putting up with her💩! If she doesn’t care about losing, there’s nothing they can do to help her. #1000lbSisters

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How in the hell does Amy think that Tammy is going to be a babysitter for her child?!! As Chris said, “Tammy is a 600pound baby herself!” #1000lbSisters

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The last sentence says what kind of person Tammy is!!!

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Is Tammy Slaton Still With Jerry? The Relationship Isn't Doing So Hot

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They all say they want the best for Tammy. If so, Amy & Michael need to let her fend for herself for a while & stop responding to her tantrums. Also, Chris & Michael need to stop pushing her around in her wheelchair. Everyone is catering to her & it's not helping!! #1000lbSisters

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It is so frustrating watching Chris trying to push Tammy up a ramp the is equivalent to 1 step! She says her mobility is getting worse, no 💩get up & walk! And Chris is being an enabler too! He may not be doing it with food, but pushing her everywhere is too! #1000lbSisters

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The fact that Jerry brings Tammy bad food, sweets, and milkshakes is proof that he does not give a 💩 about her! I don’t know why he’s even there, especially if he's married!!! #1000lbSisters

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Amy she says, “ I can't believe that I'm pregnant” every five minutes. Well you should bc you've got us believing it!! #1000lbSisters

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We finally got snow in the South, YAY! Howeve, playing in it has me behind a lot of my shows. So, I've decided to start with #1000lbSisters here goes.....

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OMG, in next week’s episode, Stephanie says, “My life is a 💩show!” That’s the ONLY smart, realistic statement that she’s made so far!!! #90DayFiance

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why does Amy have to announce every time she farts? She's not a five year old!!! #1000lbSisters

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Amy said that she wanted something different, well I think she accomplished it!! #1000lbSisters

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