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Here's a @Spotify link to our @AmyAcker chat if anyone prefers it! Please enjoy the episode, everyone!

It was so great talking to you guys! Thanks for having me😃

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Replying to @sairarahman: Things RBG has done for women:

- The right to sign a mortgage without a man
- The right to have a bank acct without a ma…

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Things RBG has done for women:

- The right to sign a mortgage without a man
- The right to have a bank acct without a male co-signer
- The right to have a job without being discriminated based on gender
- The right for women to be pregnant/have kids and work

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@DirRobSavage @TheEricGoldman @AmyAcker Same, dude! High five!

Same, Same!

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What’s it like making movies from home these days? I spoke to @DirRobSavage (Host), @AmyAcker (Outside), and @BrianLynch (Calls) about the unusual — and often DIY — circumstances they created their most recent projects under

Wait, I’m in an article with @DirRobSavage 😃

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Join @AmyAcker THIS TUES (Aug 11) 10am PT / 1pm ET & tune in to #HallmarkVirtualExperiences

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Can’t wait 😊

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.@AmyAcker made the most of quarantine and created a horrific short with husband @TheJimmyCarp. Watch it here 👇

Thank you!

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Hold onto your butts! @AmyAcker came back on the show to talk about her new film, Outside, what she's been up to during Quarantine, and what is coming next (*hint* it's awesome!)

Always great talking to you, Ash!

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Replying to @MichaelEmerson: Bear | Person of Interest Wiki | Fandom

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Bear | Person of Interest Wiki | Fandom

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@AmyAcker i forgot to mention i named the main character amy... 😉

So cool!!

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Absolutely amazed at how good @AmyAcker and @TheJimmyCarp’s short film #outside is. Great acting as per and the special effects are impressive. Tempted to whip my iPhone out and see what I can do. Thanks guys!

Yes! Can’t wait to see! thanks!

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@AmyAcker @TheJimmyCarp wow! This is just so so good. I’m blown away. Congratulations! Amy, you wrote something amazing. And so great to see you and James working together. Awesome!!!

Thanks Karen❤️

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Very cool sci-fi horror short #OUTSIDE from @AmyAcker and @TheJimmyCarp. Claustrophobic, thrilling and one heck of a good twist tying it all together. A great little quarantine production. (via @SYFYWIRE)

Thanks @SYFYWIRE !

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James Carpinello and Amy Acker - two of the most talented, smartest, best people in the world - wrote, produced, directed and SHOT a short film, entirely on an iPhone, at home while isolated. It’s great. So proud of them. @TheJimmyCarp @AmyAcker OUTSIDE:

Love you Neil! Thanks so much!

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Just finished watching @AmyAcker and @TheJimmyCarp's short film shot during quarantine and I LOVED IT!!! So proud of you both... Congratulations! Here's the link if you haven't seen it:

Thanks so much J.!!!

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@AmyAcker Amy, this is great. Such a strange and sad time we’re all living though. Hope you and the kids are hanging in there. -Ash

Thank you so much!! Hope to talk to you soon!

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Great little thriller by @AmyAcker and @TheJimmyCarp. Filmed entirely in their (amazing) home and on an old iphone...



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@AmyAcker @TheJimmyCarp Very nice and intense short film with a good link to the current situation we are all in. It shows that even if we sometimes cannot see the the danger it is still there, just like Covid-19 we are facing right now and the necessity of quarantine and social distancing!Great job!:)

Thank you!

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@TheJimmyCarp @AmyAcker @film_outside Where can we watch it?

Here is the link! @film_outside @TheJimmyCarp

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All I made during quarantine was sourdough bagels, but my dear friends @AmyAcker & @TheJimmyCarp somehow made a whole movie!

So good and sooooo terrifying! Check it out!

#Outside #SourdoughBagels

Thanks Aaron!

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See Amy Acker and James Carpinello put a horrifying spin on quarantine in their short film


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