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Army Wife 🇮🇳 They call me 'Feisty Faujan, ✍️TOI, HT, HuffPost, DB, Barracks & Beyond, Founder- The Changemakers #NationFirst #FightTheFanatics

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Replying to @GayatriiM: सबसे पराये अपने होते हैं।

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सबसे पराये अपने होते हैं।

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Young girls choosing Maut over Marriage, how more tragic can it be! Shame on us, our society! #Ayesha

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Quoted @_udtapunjabi

Har jagah se block hone ke baad agar tumne usko mail bhej kar baat nahi ki toh ghanta mohabbat kari tumne.

Mohabbat koi mazaak hai kya??? 🧐

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Not able to get #Ayesha out of my mind.Why do parents marry their sons wn they can’t accept their bahu whole heartedly?
And parents of daughters,U don’t hv to get her married b’coz of societal pressures. Educate her/make her financially independent &then decide with her consent.

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Quoted @ANI

North 24 Paraganas: BJP worker Gopal Majumdar has alleged that three TMC workers entered his house and attacked his mother in Nimta, North Dumdum on 27th Feb; FIR registered #WestBengal

Dear West Bengal, if your politics make you so barbaric, then this a shameful collapse of a so called civilised society, the land of Tagore! #ShameOnYouBengal

@MamataOfficial @derekobrienmp @INCWestBengal @CPIM_WESTBENGAL @BJPBengal

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Happy birthday to one of the most selfless, warm-hearted people I have the pleasure of knowing @PiushSharma28 May you have a blessed birthday this year. 🎂

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Let’s spread love, let’s love each other. And a special message for all women to stand up for other women! Be there for each other. Love you all!

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Quoted @zafarsareshwala

23 year old Ayesha releases this Video before Jumping in the #SabarmatiRiver #Ahmedabad! Just listen to this poignant misery of ill treatment at the hands of the In-Laws and a Ruthless Husband! Are We even Humans? When millions of Women are treated in such Tragic Fashion!

Emotional abuse by in laws.... so rampant in our society. Heartbreaking. I wish her husband stood by her, loved her, if not, I wish she had found true love somewhere else. How can Gods be so cruel... Nobody deserves to die this way. Ayesha will always be in my prayers now. 💔

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Quoted @ikaveri

Here's the fact - every person you look up to is just one step away from totally disappointing you.

Every time! Every single time! ☹️ Yeah you are right, we should not pin our hopes on anyone.

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Quoted @Ambreenzaidi

Honourable @narendramodi @rajnathsingh & @rajeev_mp Village Dhanuri in Rajasthan with 250 serving, 300 retd,15 Killed in Action soldiers & 3 Prisoners of War just wants a memorial for its bravehearts.Can we please help them? Land has bn allotted but memorial is stuck in politics.

Happy to share that all necessary permissions/clearances hv bn granted by the state govt & local administration for a memorial for soldiers killed in action,in Dhanuri village of Rajasthan. My immense thanks to everyone who helped this👇appeal reach the right authorities. 🙏🙏🙏

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Happy Birthday dear @sairashahhalim I hope this is the begining of your greatest and most wonderful year ever! 🍰🎂🍰

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Replying to @Vickypats66: @kiranmgosavi @OFBJPNIGERIA @vijai63 ji

How can we help the family of this Veteran whose daughter is stuck up in Nigeria…

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@kiranmgosavi @OFBJPNIGERIA @vijai63 ji

How can we help the family of this Veteran whose daughter is stuck up in Nigeria and unable to bring back his mortal remains.

@Ambreenzaidi @megirish2001

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May your hearts be never broken and your trust never shaken, by the people you considered your own.
May your blind faith in them is not betrayed and leave your heart & soul totally torn apart.

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Replying to @gauravpramanik: Hi, I am Gaurav Pramanik, I am actively surviving cancer. I am looking to create more awareness about the disease, ment…

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Hi, I am Gaurav Pramanik, I am actively surviving cancer. I am looking to create more awareness about the disease, mental health of cancer patients &their caregivers & how you could help someone you know battling cancer. I’m looking for some paid gig to do the same. RT for karma.

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“As emotionally exhausting & mentally debilitating as it feels,I am determined to battle on” writes ⁦⁦@BDUTT
They r afraid of a strong/opinionated woman & wd go to any length to make u feel vulnerable & scared.Don’t be. BASH ON REGARDLESS! Hugs

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Dreams cannot be tamed, dreamers cannot be ruled ~ Paulo Coelho

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Here I speak on the condemnable statement by @AIMPLB_Official and my appeal to all the Muslims of India. 🙏🙏🙏 #NationFirst

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