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Dr. Alison Meek

Professor of History @kingsatwestern, teaching US History, cults, extremism and conspiracy theories. Nixon's human.


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Quoted @DrEricDing

2) “Schools will need to spend time and money improving airflow using HVAC systems, stand-alone HEPA air filtering systems or even just by opening windows if students, teachers and staff are to return safely to in-school learning in the fall, the experts say.”

Same with Canada, as anyone who has spent more than 50 minutes in a classroom knows. @kingsatwestern @kingsprincipal @KingsVPAcademic @WesternU

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Quoted @HelenKennedy

I was skeptical that the CPAC stage was purposefully designed to look like an old SS symbol until I read this story from 2016, about how the American Nazi Party was trying to go more mainstream and jettisoning the swastika in favor of that SS symbol.

This is something the Klan has been trying to do since the 1920s, and it is certainly the GOP taking a page from David Duke’s white supremacy playbook.

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Quoted @CBCAlerts

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson and Johnson for people 18 years and older.

Okay #Canada. We’re going to do the same, yes? #VaccinesSaveLives

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If @WesternU/@kingsatwestern are planning on in-person classes this fall, a regulation is needed for everyone's safety that any person attending in-person must be vaccinated (if medically able to be).

Don't give in to the anti-vaxx conspiracy theories.

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Replying to @dinoman_j:

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Quoted @Acyn

“You used god to segregate me in schools. You used god to put me in the back of the bus...”

Powerful counter to the historic weaponizing of religion in America to discriminate against others. Unfortunately this religious based bigotry continues into 2021. And it has to stop.

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A huge thank you to @dfreedman7 for once again providing a guest lecture on the history, holes in, and dangers of the anti-vaxx conspiracy theory to my @kingsatwestern's #HIS3308 class.

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If you're not already following #ThisIsOurShot then please do. The more voices and expertise standing up to the deadly #antivaxx disinformation the better.

These doctors and nurses battle covid all day. Then they go online and fight misinformation.

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To truly save my own sanity, I've had to let a bully get away with horrible behavior, something that goes against my fundamental moral code. But if one more person tells me 'God will take care of them' I'm going to punch something.

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Academic with a PhD in English literature, @naomirwolf, who is already no stranger to controversy (her "career of blunders" ) and who is going completely anti-vaxx, doesn't know what the word 'immunize' means.

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Quoted @gtconway3d

“The court’s order was a decisive defeat for Mr. Trump, who had gone to extraordinary lengths to keep his tax returns and related documents secret. There were no dissents noted. ...
Mr. Vance issued a three-word statement in response to the court’s order: ‘The work continues.’”

No dissents. Trump must be freaking out.

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Replying to @HaggardHawks: If you’re HASSOCK-HEADED then you have a messy, tangled mop of hair.

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If you’re HASSOCK-HEADED then you have a messy, tangled mop of hair.

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Replying to @fiski70: Do you have a dog? Please have a look at this survey and help with research into dog personality.
This survey is part of a Mas…

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Do you have a dog? Please have a look at this survey and help with research into dog personality.
This survey is part of a Masters degree in International Animal Welfare and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh
Please share!

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On the one hand, deathbed confessions are notoriously unreliable. On the other hand, Fred Hampton. #HIS3308

Malcolm X's family releases letter alleging FBI, police role in his death

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Quoted @aSouthernPenny

My son proposed to his fiancée about six months ago and she said yes. They’re super happy, we love her family too. I just found out today that another girl is in love with him and plans to propose next week.... should I say anything? Oh and also, he’s 4. They’re all 4.

Lovely love. And lovely family.

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Quoted @humorandanimals

meet morty, a special needs rescue with a neurological gait. he's very happy and walks like this all the time
(mortythemisfit IG/tiktok)

Happy puppy and happy Sunday.

Only seven weeks left in this batshit crazy academic year!

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Quoted @thelancemann

What's the saddest song you can think of?

Puff the Magic Dragon. Poor puff.

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‘Just get through 2020,’ they said. ‘2021 is going to be so much better and brighter.’

Ha. Ha. Ha.

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