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WATCH: @augustburnsred are starting off 2021 with this powerful animated video for their new song "Standing In The Storm"

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QUIZ: Which type of goth are you really the most like?

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ICYMI: Here’s why @GreenDay fans are reminding Donald Trump supporters what this song actually means again

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From 'Take This To Your Grave' to 'Infinity On High' and beyond, these @falloutboy tracks deserve way more love on your playlists

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10 Swedish bands who should already be on your playlist

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11 times musicians turned to acting with epic results

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QUIZ: Can you tell if Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) or an alternative band sang these lyrics?

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It looks like 'Van Weezer' isn't the only album @Weezer plan to put out this year as they announce the release date for their surprise full-length 'OK Human'

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WATCH: Rage Against The Machine’s (@ratm) new mini-documentary explores America’s history with racism that eventually inspired one of their classic songs

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WATCH: @twentyonepilots@JoshuaDun is paying tribute to @DebbyRyan’s @Disney past in this unexpected drum cover

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WATCH: It looks like David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) may be teasing a recut of 2016's 'Suicide Squad' (@SuicideSquadWB) with this unseen clip of @JaredLeto's Joker

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Fresh off the release of her album 'DEMIDEVIL,' @ashnikko is bringing her own world to life without any genre constraints

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Here’s why @GreenDay fans are reminding Donald Trump (@realdonaldtrump) supporters what this song actually means again

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Rupert Grint is further weighing in on the controversy surrounding ‘@HarryPotterfilm’ author @JK_Rowling’s anti-trans comments

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If astrology isn't real, then why do Pisces cry to My Chemical Romance (@MCRofficial) the most?

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WATCH: @falloutboy and @ajrbrothers helped celebrate @joebiden’s upcoming inauguration by performing these hits during the ‘We The People’ event

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Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer has been arrested and faces six criminal charges for his involvement in the U.S. Capitol riots

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QUIZ: Can you figure out these 2000s iPhone apps by just the icon?

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In his debut Alternative Press cover, go beyond the fringe mask with @orvillepeck and how the LGBTQ+, country icon keeps it real

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