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Alexis (the Sequel)

Tu favorita, 🇲🇽, cougar Dodger fan. Back for reality tv tweets, shaming racists, a smidgen of law stuff, & a lot of sports & hiphop. Don’t bug me, thanks. 🥰

Los Angeles, CA

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How can they expect Hannah to help clean the house when she can’t even help from looking like a sloppy chihuahua most of the time? #SummerHouse

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Elizabeth is making me wish I would hear the ice cream truck music outside right now.

#BelowDeck #BelowDeckReunion

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Seems like Rebekkuh could save herself the agony of being the oldest person at the table by dating men her age. #90DayFiance

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Stephanie is dressed like she’s about to go groom young college girls so she can produce a Girls Gone Wild video in the early 2000s.


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The fact that her image is superimposed on his beach shot and they didn’t even take a pic together told us all we needed to know about these lovebirds. 🥰


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With your money, Stephanie. You pay his salary, did you forget?


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Love me some Porsha but she blacked out and “[doesn’t] remember” the end of the night, so how is she so sure she didn’t do it? #RHOA

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The way Porsha’s nipples have to be pixalated in every scene.



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I really wish Rodney would use some of the sugar daddy money in his sugar tank to pay for a stylist and color clip-less wardrobe and accessories for Desiry.


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Chris: *chastises his wife for allowing herself to be comforted by “strangers” until she leaves with him*

Also Chris: *leaves her behind*


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Virginia keeps talking about going out with her friends as if she doesn’t realize that she signed up for marriage and not the next keg rager at the Kappa house. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

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I know she can’t, but I really wish Shavel would do something about that big ass pumpkin head of hers.

It just bothers me for no good reason. #LoveAfterLockup #LifeAfterLockup

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Now why is Destinie’s sister so mad as if she also doesn’t know that’s Shawn’s car and that her sister ain’t shit? #LoveAfterLockup

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Sarah and the Homeless Devil Lizard making “smashing” jokes in front of their daughters and acting like he’s there for good intentions and not because of the free room, board, and vagina...🤮😒🤦🏻‍♀️


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This is who Hannah’s crying over?


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Who would’ve thought that possessions, and not step grandpappy’s D, would be the thing making Mary happy after decades of marriage?




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I still don’t understand why Heather and Lisa are so mad at each other.

I don’t love that.


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*clinks glass for speech*

I want to thank these 3 enabling idiots for encouraging Kary to be even more annoying and insufferable than usual and hopefully ensuring this is her last season on #RHOD

Cheers! 🥂

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Twitter racists always find my tweets (especially Bravo TV watching racists), so here are some suggestions to make your experiences w/me smoother:

1. Quit being racist.
2. If the racist shoe doesn’t fit, then why are you trying to wear it?
3. Fuck off because I’m not stopping.

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