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Husband, father, random sayer of stuff. ALSO, proud author or magicaltastic books called The Magic Misfits. This link’ll let you order ‘em:


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Thanksgiving realness in the all-new #NissanRogue2021 #ad @NissanUSA

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Well @Davidburtka and I were quite flattered to be part of @people Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, aaaand then we realized they just wanted us for our our dogs... Stings, but still worth it.

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Beyond excited to begin reading the new book by @AnthonyHorowitz, Moonflower Murders. It’s predecessor, Magpie Murders, is one of my favorite books ever. Cannn’t waaaait. #murdermystery

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To all of our veterans and current military members, those who represent our country and put their lives on the line, every day - thank you. I salute you. #VeteransDay2020

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I’m a fan of @chrisramsay52 and share his love of puzzles, magic, and escape-y things. Had a legit good time being interviewed on his YT channel about my new game, Box ONE (though it was a tad frustrating at the end). Check it out:

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Congratulations to my friends at @NTScontractors. Your constant hard work has paid off yet again: another project featured on the cover of Architectural Digest, five years after ours! Keep it up! #proud

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Two of my favorite theatre haunts, Nizza and Marseille, are feeding Actors Equity members for free during the industry shutdown. Eat now and pay later if you can, I — 🥺😭❤️

Replying to @AlexDinelaris: These will now become my go to restaurants when the covid has lifted. Well done #nizzanyc & #marseillenyc really well do…

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These will now become my go to restaurants when the covid has lifted. Well done #nizzanyc & #marseillenyc really well done. #TogetherStronger

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Is it a seance? A puzzle box? Something that will now reside in my house? I have no idea what’s in this terrifying box! But I’m getting one... Join me?

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I want to buy #boxone but can't find it @Target can you help @ActuallyNPH

Not out juuuust yet. 10/4 is the shelf date at @Target. For those that don’t know: Box One - a party game for just one - will be awesome.

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Loving the podcast @FinishItPod. Two brothers hilariously discuss every single option in Choose Your Own Adventure books from the ‘80s. A wonderful listen. I’m digging Who Killed Harlowe Thromby.

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Just wrapped my morning workout! You up yet @Money23Green? 🏋️‍♂️

Tim, stop with the inspiration. You’re making my exercise regime pale in comparison, and I’m already pale enough..! @tim_cook

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Virtual book tour tonight, in a few hours! It’s on Zoom, so we can see each other, chat, I’ll answer your questions, it’ll be...magic. Come play!

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Magic Misfits: the Fourth Suit comes out TOMORROW! It’s the final book in the series. The concluding course in the meal. The last piece in the quadriptych. The terminal stop on the train. The end, um, thing in the thing. Buy a copy now! #themagicmisfits

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Won’t forget. Sending love and prayers.

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Hey! I’ve got two virtual book tour events next week. No local gathering for a few, let’s have LOTS of people all hanging out, Zoom-style. We’ll chat, answer question, learn magic. I’m in. Are you? (Link in bio) @bluewillowbooks @unlikelybkstore @littlebrownyr #themagicmisfits

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So I’m wanting to improve/upgrade my workshop/tinker shed. Is one tool brand better than another? @DEWALTtough ? @MakitaTools ? @RYOBItoolsusa ? @BoschGlobal ? All the tools share batteries, so I kind if need to commit to one, no? #help

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Happy Labor Day! To all of those who work so tirelessly, keeping our country going - a thousand thanks. I salute and appreciate you.

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What could go wrong? One of my favorite shows from across the pond is coming to the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia this Saturday! Check out #GoesWrongShow on @AmazonPrimeVideo, courtesy of @MischiefComedy, @bigtalk and @LionsgateTV.

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James Carpinello and Amy Acker - two of the most talented, smartest, best people in the world - wrote, produced, directed and SHOT a short film, entirely on an iPhone, at home while isolated. It’s great. So proud of them. @TheJimmyCarp @AmyAcker OUTSIDE:

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