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In 2015, @RollingStone ranked Pyromania at #17 among the 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time. Where would you put it?

@DefLeppard released it this week in 1984!

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According to many they weren't "good", but The Sex Pistols made an impact. Here's why.

@RollingStone: Stories from the Edge is on Wednesday at 9/8c!

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Happy 50th Birthday @KidRock! ...Or should we say "Adult Rock"? 🤔

Watch his full #TheBigInterview NOW for FREE:

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Do you know what city has the most music venues?

Go coast to coast with AXS TV:

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Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and start your weekend with the sweet sounds of @NorahJones.

Watch the full show:

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Nope, @PaulMcCartney isn't the one giving us a behind the scenes look at the legendary studio... check out who it is. #MusicHigh5

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Hey #GoodBrothers, @MachineGunKA & @The_BigLG, what's your favorite fight scene? #WrestleWeek

Kickboxer is on TONIGHT 8/7c!

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Not only does she play powerful characters, @ReginaKing is a power in herself. #TheBigInterview

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Happy birthday to the superstar of not one, but two incredible bands, Dave Grohl!

Now we have a very important question... Foo Fighters or Nirvana?

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RT if you have more than ten of these records in your collection.

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You ask, @LZZYHALE will answer! Send us the questions your dying to ask Lzzy!

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Behind covering the Nixon election for the counter-culture & the story of how @LedZeppelin got on the cover.

@RollingStone: Stories from the Edge is new tonight at 9/8c.

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TONIGHT one of country's current superstars @LukeCombs joins @DanRather for #TheBigInterview.

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COUNTRY MUSIC FANS! Do you think country music needs a change? @LukeCombs does. Here's why. #TheBigInterview

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This is how we're getting ready for #WrestleWeek and Bad A$$ Movie Night with @MachineGunKA & @The_BigLG. @IMPACTWrestling

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TONIGHT at 8/7c on @AXSTV🇺🇸/@fightnet🇨🇦/Twitch💻!

@KennyOmegamanX and @TheDonCallis appear at the IMPACT Zone

@GottaGetSwann vs. @MachineGunKA

@TenilleDashwood vs. @WeAreRosemary

@Kimber_Lee90 vs. @TheTayaValkyrie




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Replying to @IMPACTWRESTLING: TONIGHT at 8/7c on @AXSTV🇺🇸/@fightnet🇨🇦/Twitch💻!

@KennyOmegamanX and @TheDonCallis appear at the IMPACT Zone


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How do you get the "counter culture" interested in the election? Get the guy used to covering motorcycle gangs & doing drugs to cover it. @RollingStone

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Ten pages of lyrics & several experimental riffs led to the iconic track "Purple Haze". Is it your favorite @JimiHendrix song?

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