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We are a purpose-driven business on a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis. Over 12 million pounds of trash removed from the oceans and coastlines. #4ocean


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Marine life deserves to live in a plastic-free ocean. 🐠 #4ocean

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We don't know who needs to hear this, but please don't trash your Valentine's Day gifts in the environment this year πŸ’”

Valentine's Day is coming, and 4ocean has got you covered with our Valentine's Day Gift Guide!⁠

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Say goodbye to glasses fog, smudged makeup, and mouthfuls of fabric! 😷⁠
Our new Face Mask Support Frames are made in the USA with recycled 4ocean Plasticβ„’ and designed to minimize skin contact to improve comfort, breathability, and communication while wearing a mask. ⁠

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"It's just one piece of plastic" -said 8 billion people.

Refusing single-use plastic is one of the best ways to fight the ocean plastic crisis.

By saying no and opting for sustainable alternatives, we can be one step closer to curbing the ocean plastic crisis.

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Don't miss this chance to pull DOUBLE pounds!

We’re pulling not one, but TWO POUNDS of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines for every item you purchase.

This limited time offer ends tonight, so empty your wishlist and double your impact at ✨

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Monsoon season is part of life for our crews in Bali, but the amount of plastic that washes up on this tropical paradise gets worse every year.

In just two days, our crews recovered nearly 8,000 lbs of trash from Kuta Beach, most of which was single-use plastic bottles & cups.

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Every day is a beautiful day to clean the ocean in Bali, Indonesia!⁠
Would you like the chance to see our cleanup boats in Bali in person? Visit for a chance to win our Bali Sweepstakes!⁠

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It takes hard work and dedication to create incredible differences like this one!

Our professional cleanup crews recently recovered over 1,770 pounds from Ibo Beach in Haiti.

By refusing single-use plastic, we can make polluted coastlines like this one a thing of the past.⁠

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Did you know that 4ocean is a Certified B Corp?

All in all, being a B Corp means prioritizing impact over generating revenue β€” the core of 4ocean's business model!

To learn more about what B Corps are & what it takes to become one, visit

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It’s a beautiful day to cut single-use plastics out of your life.

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4ocean is proud to support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act, a piece of legislation that seeks to hold the plastics industry and other companies responsible for the waste they produce.

To find out how you can get involved, visit today 🌍

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Before ➑️ After

1,927 pounds of trash was recently removed from this coastline off Lafiteau, Haiti.

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These shocking images of the ocean plastic crisis were captured by our cleanup crews just days ago off the west coast of Haiti.
Did you know that huge patches of plastic pollution like this are created by the stirring of ocean currents?

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