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I just became a fan of @RealJDDrake. That was hella impressive. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Can we get back to #SignJD already, @RealJDDrake and @MadKing1981 saw some palms tonight.

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There are rules...don't F**k with cats..

I am a dog person, however I have a cat lifestyle

#BringWynonnaHome #WynonnaEarp

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I have to rewatch this episode ! First because I missed a lot of things while tweeting. Then it was an amazing one ! And how good does it feel to have them back !

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I have absolutely no idea how to get to sleep after that
#WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome

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Okay I really need to sleep so goodnight everyone I can’t wait to read all your amazing tweets tomorrow! #WynonnaEarp #BringWynonnaHome

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