As our hearing concludes, I want to make one thing clear: “provocateurs” did not storm the Capitol. They were not “fake Trump protestors.” The mood on January 6th was not “festive.” That is disinformation.

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 3 days ago

@leftcoastbabe @amyklobuchar Yes! We need to quit using words like “disinformation” call BS and call liars - liars.

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 3 days ago

@hogan_1969 @amyklobuchar He and Cruz needed to be censured!

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 3 days ago

@amyklobuchar especially the weirdly-bearded one that literally everyone apparently hates

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@amyklobuchar And another word comes to mind. "LIES!"

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 3 days ago

@amyklobuchar they were seditionists, provoked and joined by a couple of your high-profile colleagues, and it's amazing to me that there hasn't been serious progress toward removal of those colleagues yet

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 3 days ago

@amyklobuchar Ron Johnson SHOULD NOT be permitted on Homeland Security Committee let alone a US Senator

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@amyklobuchar Thank you! Is @RonJohnsonWI suffering from something like Alzheimer’s?

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 3 days ago

@amyklobuchar Trump terrorists stormed the Capitol at his urging

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@amyklobuchar I’m 💯 W/Senator Amy Klobuchar

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And just like that "Rainmaker" Kazhuchika Okada gave Evil his best match of 2021.
#njcattack #njpw

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Let's take a look at the trends in Twitter trend words.
Ranking 3rd #njcattack
Twitter Trend Ranking

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2021.2.27 大阪城ホール
#njpw #njcattack #JayWhite #上村優也

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オカダ・カズチカのテーマ「RAINMAKER-NEXTLEVEL-」 - NJPW(新日本プロレスリング株式会社) #LINEMUSIC #無料でフル再生OK

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