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#MetroTVBackToThe90s mempersembahkan Cinta Untuk Semua with KLa Project! Mari nostalgia dengan lagu-lagu KLa Project, hari Jumat (26/2) pukul 20.05 WIB, dimeriahkan juga oleh Lyodra & Sisca. #MetroTVKLaProject

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#ITendToAssume that come Friday night ~ It’ll be alright...

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#ITendToAssume but I'm not inclined to resign to maturity...

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#ITendToAssume everytime I come back to twitter things have changed 🙄🤪

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JUST IN: $XTMIF Breaking News: XTM Closes Strategic Investment with Miami's Groot Hospitality and Harlo Entertainment Groups

#NoRacismInMedia @Crawdawg7 @wsbpirate @resx18 $MORF $GTCH $ASTI $GETH #MWN

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#SayNoToRacismInMedia Is Trending and I'm so glad it is! 💖🦋💅

#ITendToAssume Hollywood and the Voice Acting landscape has a long way to go and the #EqualityAct will pave the path forward. Here's a cat video.🐱Follow. #WomensHistoryMonth2021 Latinx Womxn

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#ITendToAssume #WomensHistoryMonth2021 will not be about addressing how hazardous many of us are, to each other, men, & children. Too much "$" to be made, while watching humans create crisis for each other. Humans WarmTheGlobeWithTechKeepingUs &DisabilityAlive

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