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Duo elektronik asal Perancis Daft Punk mengumumkan bubar lewat videonya berjudul 'Epilogue'. Keduanya sudah sama-sama berkarya di industri musik selama 28 tahun. #MetroSiang #KnowledgeToElevate

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“But spite is a wonderful thing for keeping people alive.”

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@GailSimone #FirstNovel probably the Hobbit, I wasn't an active reader until doing extra credit since I was boarder line passing and my history teacher had me read and do a report on Animal Farm. I've been a huge reader ever since!

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My #FirstNovel was definitely a Beverly Cleary my parents got me thru the Weekly Reader Book Club, I THINK it was DEAR MR. HENSHAW but I might have read RALPH S. MOUSE first

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Roland Smith's Cryptid Hunters. #FirstNovel

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Would definitely like a report in my local newspaper the Hull Daily Mail. Self-published my own first thriller novel through all the lockdowns, a good story? Help promote self-published authors. @hulllive #hulldailymail #hulllive #FirstNovel #hull #author #novel

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@vonderosten @owillis so much love for the hardy boys in this thread. i get it. but a series that i loved that i don't hear much about now was alfred hitchcock & the three investigators. must've read those books at least 3x each!


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