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 4 days ago

An NPR investigation reveals how gas utilities — and their powerful lobby — are pushing to convince lawmakers and the public that replacing natural gas with electrification would harm consumers.

Here’s how they’re doing it.

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@comatose_prose @NPR Instead they're going to grow into a world dominated by climate change, have awful, tragic lives, and you'll look like a failure in their eyes their whole, short, life time.

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@Grey_Obelisk @NPR Whenever people lament new energy technology, I like to remind myself that some people used to illuminate their homes with whale blubber.

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@NPR We’d have starved last week without gas to cook when everything else failed and our homes fell to <35 degrees.

No roads were safe. No salt, no plow.
No stores were open.

I’d have looked 3 resilient, beautiful, innocent kids in the eyes and felt like a failure for 4 days.

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 4 days ago

@NPR @maddow Without reading the article I will say one word...LOBBYISTS

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@NPR bs

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 4 days ago

@RubricMarlin @NPR Pipelines don’t heat our homes. They funnel oil from other countries to our coasts. We don’t benefit from that. Instead we could have thousands of jobs making and installing green infrastructure and save our planet, but folks keep blindly guzzling what the lobbyists tell them.

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 4 days ago

@NPR @maddow To those Texans still harboring a seccessionist dream, you were tested and you failed. You will not succeed without the awesome backing of these United States.

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 4 days ago

@MikeCastleman4 @NPR Because the evidence points to things like Texas happening again, while blindly buying whatever lobbyists are selling is generally a horrible plan. These things affect people’s lives. Folks froze to death.

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@NPR Meanwhile green lobbyists and organizations are trying to ban new pipelines, which people need to heat homes, run businesses and generate power. But NPR won’t touch that.

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@NPR The gas companies did the same thing to Thomas Edison in the 1880s.

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@NPR How about simply reviewing the evidence and not picking a side?

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It’s about time the IWC put some fucking respect on @JayWhiteNZ’s name #njcattack

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