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I want to thank @VaBlackCaucus, @HouseDemocrats all the @VASenateDems and the Republican senators and delegates who said yes to probation reform! I want to thank @MeekMill , @REFORM and @JusticeFwdVa for all the love on this issue. Next stop @GovernorVA!

Thankyou all

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@MeekMill Milly! A new phone will slap hard please. Thanks much

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@MeekMill Milly❤️

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@MeekMill I need help my grandma is dying

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@MeekMill 🙌🙌

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@MeekMill YBN Almighty Jay is Better

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#Beerus😈 Prod by @SinceMay3rd X @jmp_808 IS OUT NOW! On All Digital Platforms🕺🏽🚨🚨🚨💥🚀

Follow the link! 🔗🇿🇦

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Much like the Bad Boys sequel and trilogy, #Coming2America #ComingToAmerica2 #ComingToAmerica should have just stayed with the original version. It’s hard to recreate something that was so great 33 years ago. It had its good parts, but the original is just so classic!

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The movie was ok, just seeing John Amos, Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones was a treat 👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️ #ComingToAmerica2

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#Coming2America #ComingToAmerica2 was pretty damn funny. Barbershop scenes will always be classic! 🤣🤣

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#ComingToAmerica2 is spectacular! It’s a remedy to so many things right now. Watch. This. Movie. ❤️❤️❤️

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The prince groomer is bad as hell!! #ComingToAmerica2

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Just In: $MLVF #ComingToAmerica2 $SLGG $MAXD $AABB $FPRX #MWN

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. #thankyou @EdwardRMurphy for making me laugh so hard. #love #ComingToAmerica2
#ride through #queens and #Zamunda #AmazonPrimeVideo

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