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 1 week ago
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 1 week ago

@FreeRadicalUmar @maddow Maybe it's because of the policy they supported.

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@mypurposefulLT Profile picture Laura T.


 1 week ago

@maddow Deplorable.

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@maddow Which is the correct standard?

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@maddow Woman of color. Enough said.

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@FreeRadicalUmar Profile picture Umar S.


 1 week ago

@maddow Maybe its not about the tweets- just who made them? specifically- a white man or minority woman?

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@maddow Didn’t she punch a journalist in the chest tho?

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 1 week ago

@maddow Projection doesn't work as well in light of facts.

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Proud to share this powerful series as we celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth. In Her Words: Stories of the Pandemic chronicles the stories and struggles of 31 women and how they’ve been affected by the pandemic. #MyStartStory #shecession

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Let’s Welcome March and Women’s History Month! 😃 “Imagine the best version of yourself and show up everyday as HER!” 💜

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Congratulations to #ChloéZhao - the #firstAsianwoman, and the second woman, to win a #GoldenGlobe for best director 👏🏽
Zhao is a #ChineseAmerican #filmmaker and won the award for her work directing #Nomadland.
#WomensHistoryMonth #GoldenGlobes2021

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DYK more than 265,000 women served during the Vietnam War? They brought their skills to a variety of roles including communications, intelligence and health care. We honor their service. #WomensHistoryMonth

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Happy #WomensHistoryMonth! We’ve partnered with to spotlight female-owned businesses every Friday in March.

We’ve also expanded the Certified #RamsHouse program! Apply now »

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In March we recognize #WomensHistoryMonth commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women throughout American history and in the development of our national identity.

#NationalWomensHistoryMonth #CaliforniaWomen #WomenInHistory

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