And finally hats off to @aryasukku garu and @MythriOfficial for backing a project like Uppena. Like I said it’s one of those timeless films... Proud of you guys!

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@urstrulyMahesh @aryasukku @MythriOfficial Motham kalipi oka tweet lo short ga veyachu ga anna
Mari intha simplicity nduku anna ❤️

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 1 week ago
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@urstrulyMahesh @aryasukku @MythriOfficial Anna alage naandi kooda choodanna

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@reddycharan22 Profile picture SVP 🔔


 1 week ago
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It’s really heartwarming when you see two newcomers come up with stellar performances.... #VaisshnavTej and @IamKrithiShetty... you guys are stars!

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The heart of Uppena is @ThisisDSP... it’ll be remembered as one of the all time great music scores! This is your best work till date DSP... Keep rocking!

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#Uppena... One word... CLASSIC! @BuchiBabuSana you've made one of those rare timeless films... Proud of you!

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God I'm really disappointed to see that contestant on my screen again this week 😭 #DragRace

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Utica decided the best way to go about doing an Afro is a head full of squirrels? #DragRace

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Bob Ross with a squirrel wig, huh? Not a joke? Just a fact? #DragRace

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Squirrels for hair is too intellectual? #DragRace

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RuPaul calling out all the stupidity with the Afro argument😂👏💯 #DragRace

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Symone really bout to make me nervous. But if she knocks it out of the park that shit could be iconic #DragRace

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Utica font seem too confident #DragRace

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For Utica To Be A Comedy Queen I Can’t Remember Laughing At Her All Season #DragRace

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