It’s really heartwarming when you see two newcomers come up with stellar performances.... #VaisshnavTej and @IamKrithiShetty... you guys are stars!

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@urstrulyMahesh @IamKrithiShetty uppena move songs wonder full i like

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@ronaldo_mb_dhf Profile picture Viking


 1 week ago

@urstrulyMahesh @IamKrithiShetty Encouraging new talent with Special appreciation ❤

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@SKVprabhu Profile picture Suriyaprabhu


 1 week ago

@urstrulyMahesh @IamKrithiShetty Any words about our @VijaySethuOffl performance

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@urstrulyMahesh @IamKrithiShetty 😍🙌a lot sir

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And finally hats off to @aryasukku garu and @MythriOfficial for backing a project like Uppena. Like I said it’s one of those timeless films... Proud of you guys!

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The heart of Uppena is @ThisisDSP... it’ll be remembered as one of the all time great music scores! This is your best work till date DSP... Keep rocking!

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#Uppena... One word... CLASSIC! @BuchiBabuSana you've made one of those rare timeless films... Proud of you!

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I feel so bad for Tiffany right now. ❤ you so much and think you are a great addition. #RHOD #Bravo

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" I don't want to say the wrong thing and get myself in trouble" instead of "I don't want to say the wrong thing and hurt people" tells me all I need to know about Brandi. I'm all for giving people the space to learn and grow but if you refuse to do that then bye
#RHOD #bravotv

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I think #RHOD just needs a whole new cast 🤷🏻‍♀️

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How dare Brandi put that on Tiffany & have the audacity to say that Tiffany’s making her uncomfortable by her mere existence?? Afraid you can’t be yourself around her cause you might offend her? How about don’t be a racist, and it won’t be a problem. Simple as that 😑 #RHOD

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I don’t feel bad for #BrandiRedmond being hyper focused on what she says. Good. Learn. Educate yourself. LeeAnne got in trouble for what she said, you just got a slap on the hand. Consider yourself lucky. It’s also NEVER ok to be silly and use cultures as a joke. #RHOD @BravoTV

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I just think Brandi feels guilty about what she did. I dont think there's any more to it than that

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YES!! EXACTLY! It's not Tiffany's job to make her feel comfortable and applaud her for not doing racist shit #RHOD

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@kimberkjohn61 I checked her out and she's a very accomplished anesthesiologist. The wealth is coming from her husband and I'm sure her colleagues know of him. I can't imagine them respecting her choice to join HWives. It's not like Married2Med. #RHOD

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