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 1 week ago

"The election was not stolen, correct?" is not a trick question. It matters that the #2 House Republican, even now, still can't answer it correctly.

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@JimBarryGG Profile picture Jim Barry


 1 week ago

@ncundone @stevebenen @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN @MSNBC @NPR Or ask them the question on air and if they fail to speak plainly and clearly, cut off their mic and move on to the next guest.

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 1 week ago

@stevebenen Msnbc and Can need to start cutting these mics off and stop interviewing Republicans. Democrats and America have to understand we are at war with these people.

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@raveon49 Profile picture Rave On


 1 week ago

@stevebenen Why don't these guys get called out on being a cultist ?

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@CJDuff55 Profile picture CindyJD


 1 week ago

@stevebenen Not a trick question!

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@kellyhuds5 Profile picture khudson5


 1 week ago

@stevebenen He just looks evil to me. I thought he'd be a better dude once he got a new lease on life.

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@ShunnSr Profile picture ShunnSr.


 1 week ago

@stevebenen @Rosemarie4311 This guy is a full blown Mike Liddell Drug user . He needs to be drug tested weekly.

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@jujukrie Profile picture judith krieger


 1 week ago

@stevebenen Yet Washington Post still gave him editorial page real estate today. Attempting to overturn an election apparently doesn't trigger some reservations about giving Scalise this national platform to share his thoughts.

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@ncundone Profile picture Linda James


 1 week ago

@stevebenen This should be a screening question before booking any guest on @ABC, @CBSNews, @NBCNews, @CNN, @MSNBC, @NPR.

Anyone who cannot or will not answer honestly &/or supports the #BigLie should not be given airtime to amplify seeds of #insurrection.

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#WWERaw 30 minutes until miz get whooped

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@JoeCaramagna Yawn Slowman stands zero shot against the #BestInTheWorld

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@WWE @IAmEliasWWE @sanbenito Guess who is here, still, yet again?
#BadBunny @sanbenito a true fan of the @WWE. Also the current #247Champion.

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Fine I'll admit it... Bad Bunny is growing on me. #WWERaw

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No offense, but I'd rather listen to the "Jingle With Jillian" al year round.


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I’ll be honest, I didn’t mind the #WWEChampionship fake-out, on #WWERaw.

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The Strowman/Shane stuff only really works if Braun actually destroys the ThunderDome w/ his bare hands. Only way I see something cool out of it & that's debatable since Braun Breaks Stuff has been done to death. #WWERaw

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#WWERaw almost gave us a heart attack giving those #TagTitles to Braun Strowman and Scrap Daddy Nicolas, lol...

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