This is bad

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@charrossi Profile picture Char Rossi


 1 week ago

@DebB1617 @CREWcrew @FightFakeNews4 Biden can’t get rid of him only the Board of Governors can

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@NonnaMichele Profile picture Michele


 1 week ago

@CREWcrew What will come of it?

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@CREWcrew Charge him with lying to congress

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@CREWcrew @FightFakeNews4 Why is Louis DeJoy still the Postmaster General...his time is over...It was over when his boss left...President Biden I do realize you have much to clean up from 'the thing' but sir please get rid of Louis DeJoy before he does more stupid stuff...He's hurting us...

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@CREWcrew Lying to Congress should have one is above the law.

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@CREWcrew You know how there are some people who have GUILTY written all over their faces? DeJoy is the poster child.

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@CREWcrew Send DeJoy to DeJail.

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@CREWcrew Hmmm...maybe this is why my coffee bean order that was sent via @usps within a 30 mile radius of metro Denver is now in Akron, Ohio.

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@ebizarch Profile picture Oliver


 1 week ago

@CREWcrew Perjury?

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@CREWcrew DeJail

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When your @KaladiCoffee bean purchase that is being sent from Englewood, CO to Lafayette, CO finally has a @USPS tracking update after over a week and your package is in....Akron, Ohio.

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@dionnewarwick @netflix Auntie D,
How about Jingle Jangle? The soundtrack is amazing. I know it’s mostly shown around Christmas time, but it’s one that I would watch any time of the year.

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If you want a Lego set of The Office make sure you vote on Lego IDEAS, it only needs 200 votes.

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@dionnewarwick @netflix #DionneWarwick.... I am a little late, but just discovered Grace and Frankie on Netflix and it’s WONDERFUL.

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News; $GRPN #dionnewarwick @MelStuart9 $ASTI $GETH $GTCH $MORF #MWN

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#dionnewarwick is trending. I'm not sure why, exactly, but she's got an amazing voice and recorded some great pop songs. Folks like me don't talk about her much, but her voice is part of our lifetime soundtracks.

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If you have not seen Grace and Frankie on Netflix please watch and be prepared to laugh #dionnewarwick

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Breaking News: $GRST #dionnewarwick $MORF $GTCH $ASTI $GETH #MWN

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