Best Prayanayam technique:
Inhale the future without any expectation.
Hold the present and exhale the past without regret.
Good Morning 🙏

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@harbhajan_singh Best of luck for KKR

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@harbhajan_singh Good morning

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 2 weeks ago
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@harbhajan_singh 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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@harbhajan_singh 22ji, hun bangla mithai khaani hegi 😀 #IPLAuction2021

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@harbhajan_singh सर्म लिहाज है भी कुछ की नहीं जनता ने सत्ता क्या देदी तो मनमानी और वसूली सुरु कर दी तुम लोगों ने निकम्मी सरकार।

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@harbhajan_singh Gud Mrng

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 2 weeks ago

@harbhajan_singh Jai siya Ram

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@harbhajan_singh All the best at KKR

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Just In: $NTRR #ripelon @Drugdoctor2014 @ElvisFunk @MarketWN @ihub_lasernat $XTLB $VPER $AABB $EYES #MWN

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#ripelon I have never been more confused in my life, is Elon Musk actually dead or is this some sick Twitter joke??

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🛩️After Tony Stark died in a Parallel Multiverse the Infinity Glove sent his ghost here.👻 He instinctively possessed #ElonMusk to continue his legacy in our world. Just as he took his first test flight in the Iron Man suit Tony went to Heaven. Elon panicked & crashed!🔥 #RipElon

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A Group calling themselves "The Phantom Thieves" has reportedly been detained outside of a Tesla Battery manufacturing plant in Reno, NV after being seen on security footage tampering with a Lithium Battery that later exploded.


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La única belleza perdurable es la belleza de un corazón puro.
#ripelon #BandcampFriday #ÖğretmenlerİçinArtıkYoksunuz

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#RIPElon is trending.. Y’all quit fucking with my life plz.

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more bullshit #ripelon hes not dead

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elon musk is dead and the news and tesla is doing a coverup to prevent the stock from falling dont let them fool you #RIPELON

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