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 2 weeks ago

Bro turned to a angel we know he was good wit god ... head taps for anybody tryna in pull my card -Vory-

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 2 weeks ago

@siakiva It was a metaphor

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@MeekMill 😜

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 2 weeks ago

@MeekMill bro apologize for the lyrics that was messes up

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 2 weeks ago

@MeekMill Not again

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@MeekMill ❤️💯

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 2 weeks ago

@MeekMill We ain’t forget

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 2 weeks ago

@MeekMill This you ?

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thinking of dragon!yussa and devossa battling it out with thordak with the other members of the AP many years ago hmmmmmmm #criticalrolespoilers

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#criticalrolespoilers i sincerely and TRULY fucking love astrid and eadwulf, esp ASTRID who has also proven that she can be trusted. fuck.... FUCKKKKK

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All the tanks went into the HFB 😩😩😩😩 #criticalrolespoilers

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers #CriticalRole
Astrid’s been a really helpful npc lately

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can't wait for the juxtaposition of the hell-gang's terror with fjord's comical awkwardness and relief


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#criticalrolespoilers Matt Fucking Mercer did you just warp them to the Dragon Eyrie. Fire attuned tuning rod, scroll written in *draconic* of all things, left to Yussa by secrative wizard cops. Gotta be. Can't wait to watch MN vs. Tiamat.

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Oh don't mind me. Just screaming "GET INTO THE BALL!! JUST GET INTO THE FREAKING BALL!!" #critrolespoilers #criticalrolespoilers

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