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.@RevDrBarber, @AFLCIO Pres @RichardTrumka & I just sent a letter calling on Congress to pass a $15 min wage without excuses or delay.

The 32M workers earning poverty wages, many while risking their lives as essential workers, need $15 now. #raisethewage

.@RevDrBarber, AFL-CIO President @RichardTrumka, and SEIU President @MaryKayHenry are exactly right. We must end starvation wages and give 32 million Americans a raise by increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

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@BitGh0st @SenSanders @RevDrBarber @RichardTrumka @MaryKayHenry Are you saying with at least 32 years in the work force your mother is only getting $416 a month social security?

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 1 week ago

@SenSanders @RevDrBarber @RichardTrumka @MaryKayHenry We increased wages and kept it controlled

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 1 week ago

@SenSanders @RevDrBarber @RichardTrumka @MaryKayHenry The minimum wage should be $24 an hour to be minimum.

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 1 week ago

@SenSanders @RevDrBarber @RichardTrumka @MaryKayHenry @JoeBiden, @SpeakerPelosi, @HouseDemocrats & @SenateDems shd consider a govmt small business subsidy for those that wld have problems staying profitable w/ employees @ $15/hr. Can b done n form of tax refund with limits? Perhaps @SenatorSinema & @Sen_JoeManchin cld get on board?

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 1 week ago

@SenSanders @RevDrBarber @RichardTrumka @MaryKayHenry How about looking at retirement. My mom worked since she was 16 and worked 32 years at a hospital and annualy gets 5000 and some pennies and cant get food stamps because she makes 10's of dollars over the limit

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@SenSanders @RevDrBarber @RichardTrumka @MaryKayHenry Enjoy the Waves 🌊

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 1 week ago

@SenSanders @RevDrBarber @RichardTrumka @MaryKayHenry Get rid of the Filibuster

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@knoxreads @KnoxSchools @ReadCityUSA ⭐️On #ReadAcrossAmericaDay please remember to be inclusive. Too often students with disabilities like #dyslexia or low vision feel left out and ashamed they can not participate. The words “audio books welcome” are simple. Thank you. Enjoy a fun day reading! 📚

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Enjoying #ReadAcrossAmericaDay with the read alouds from the @CobbInTech readers today. Such a treat! #ultimatelearningexperience

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Thank you to our reader today for reading such a funny book. My class enjoyed it very much! #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #AceCubs #1stgrade

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Live at the Red Ink Series: On Making Choices in a Writing Career 🤩🤩🤩
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Trooper Bob Copechal from the PA State Police joins us next! A great North parent! #readacrossamericaday #trinitypride

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