Developed nations with the best healthcare, family leave, vacation & retirement benefits:

1. Denmark
2. The Netherlands
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. Switzerland
6. Norway
7. Germany
8. UK
9. Canada
10. Japan

30. United States - Dead last

We must end this international embarrassment

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@PaulSorrentino3 @SenSanders Fwiw most of the countries on that list don’t have single payer. There are many ways to get universal healthcare. If we did any of them we would be in much better shape.

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@DarkestDomme @SenSanders This must be sarcasm? Nobody would go to the US for medical treatment😂

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 1 week ago

@caralokken @SenSanders How long does it take to get a procedure

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@JemLeith @SenSanders We have stronger economies, meaning it would be easier for us to do these things. Learn math.

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@SenSanders This is totally disgraceful for what Americans call the greatest country in the world. Sadly, it's not. What are we gonna do about it?

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@SenSanders But that’s socialism 😭😭😭

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@SenSanders single payer healthcare is the only solution #MedicareForAll or bust

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 1 week ago

@SenSanders But 30 is bigger than 1 so the USA is doing better. You just can't read, old man.

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 1 week ago

@SenSanders My husband is from Denmark they do very well with health care

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In honor of #ReadAcrossAmericaDay I’m reading this gem that I picked up over the weekend. #Shelfie @WHS_LLC @WHS_Redhawks

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BREAKING NEWS: $GTCH #ReadAcrossAmericaDay @cabroncita @GratefulList $SHRG $GTCH $CAN $NCTY #MWN

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Celebrate #ReadAcrossAmericaDay and #DrSeussBirthday with @SMLibrary's Children's Library!

Find more on their Facebook page:

#ReadAcrossAmericaWeek #DrSeussDay

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Our kinders enjoyed hearing Frau Drury read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? in German & English this morning! #ReadAcrossAmericaDay @hoyaprincipal @CCSDLanguages @bakerelembears @BrandiTheReally @LivernoisEmily

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Dr. Seuss on turn signals...Who knew?

“Blink left and blink right and blink low and blink high. Oh, the blinks your turn signal blinks if only you try!”

#DrSeuss #ReadAcrossAmericaDay

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#ReadAcrossAmericaDay is dedicated to coming together to celebrate the love of reading, representation & diversity in books. Enjoy our Executive Director reading on her favorite books, “Cherries and Cherry Pits,” by Vera B. Williams. Click here to listen:

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