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 2 weeks ago

Quoted @JohnCornyn

Interior secretary nominee has joined pipeline protests and opposed fracking

That's great news. We need an Interior Secretary who has the guts to take on fossil fuel CEOs whose greed is destroying the planet. We need an Interior Secretary who will protect our environment. I'm confident Deb Haaland is that person and I am proud to support her nomination.

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@MeidasGraphics2 @SenSanders Plus think of all the new jobs, thats much needed too. Time to really kick it up a notch. Research, manufacturing, installation and customer service. And supporting industries and trades.

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@DirtStarGANG @SenSanders You mean the ones republicans keep opposing.

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 2 weeks ago

@SenSanders The point of an Interior Secretary is to take care of the interior of the United States. Why would we be upset that she’s attended protests to...protect the interior?????🤷🏼‍♀️

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@SenSanders Where are the stimmys at big bern

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 2 weeks ago

@SenSanders You’re up past your bedtime

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@SenSanders Good!!! bout time. Tell Cornyn, he is inconsequential.

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@SenSanders #ClimateEmergency is real! We must step up the game!

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 2 weeks ago

@SenSanders Republicans think it’s the department of screw the interior not the department of protect the interior

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What is the biggest lie you've ever been told?
For me:
"Don't worry, there's someone out there for everyone." Usually said after declining to date me.
Well, I'm 57 and still there's no one.
#tuesdayvibe #TuesdayFeeling

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Happy Tuesday! It is cold and windy this morning so a quick patrol today. Even I would rather stay inside. I’m hoping mom or dad has a zoom meeting today. I’m feeling rather business like today. #tiesofbenson #dogsoftwitter #dogs #TuesdayFeeling #ZSHQ #smileforbert #bowtie

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Good morning sister

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Thousands of people all over the world worshipping their deities, still are killed by terrible disease like cancer.
But as soon as they come in the shelter of @SaintRampalJiM the cancer patients become healthy.

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My Bitmoji ignored the “do not try this at home” warning. Glad I invested in Band-Aid. #TuesdayFeeling

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#TuesdayFeeling #rustic #Wow
We always feel so grateful when customers share #amazing photos.
This customer #transformed this silo into this grand living space. He used 2x8 timber siding which he charred and sealed.

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