Pathetic. Trump’s attorneys still will not acknowledge that Trump lost the election. That’s what the Big Lie is all about.

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@ShannonMarino Profile picture Shannon


 1 week ago

@njnnyc @SenSanders And he couldn't even answer. He just responded the way trump would. That's what it looks like when people don't have answers.

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@iiHamzahh Profile picture Hamzah


 1 week ago

@sean_antrim @SenSanders Lmao the healthcare system in the US is a giant scam. Keeping getting ripped off 👍🏼

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@mattbud Profile picture Matt


 1 week ago

@SenSanders Call witnesses!

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@SenSanders You want me to beat them up? I would do that for you. I love you.

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@Ky_Garr Profile picture Kyle Garrett


 1 week ago

@SenSanders Witnesses.

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@sean_antrim Profile picture Sean Antrim


 1 week ago

@SenSanders Pathetic that Bernie still can't accept Medicare for all isn't happening.

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@ny_kristin Profile picture Kristin NY


 1 week ago

@SenSanders Brilliant question, sir!

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 1 week ago

@SenSanders Excellent question, btw! 👏🏻

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 1 week ago

@SenSanders This was a great question!

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@SenSanders they're not allowed I bet

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Sounds like CPAC has banned the Corrupt LIAR trumpy !
He fits their comments better then any one else we know
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No words 😶 needed

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There is no "your truth" there is only objective and subjective truth.

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See what's cooking with #LG air fry range with InstaView and eat healthier. @LGUS @Lowes

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Tobacco is the biggest hindrance in the path of bhakti.
- Spiritual Leader Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj
#thursdaymorning #GodMorningThursday

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You are lucky if you have my attention cause I ignore everyone...💯🙂

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