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 1 month ago

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@NylaRoseBeast See you soon at the AEW ring👋🏻😌

The First Ever #AEW Women's World Champion @riho_gtmv is on her way back #AEWDynamite #riho

The First Ever #AEW Women's World Champion @riho_gtmv is on her way back #AEWDynamite #riho

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 1 month ago
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@AEW @riho_gtmv Please say she is 100 or more now. Being 89 lbs isn't believable. Just lie like WWE and say at least 100lbs

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 1 month ago

@AEW @riho_gtmv CAN’T WAIT!! Wish it was her and Deeb in the finals since it’s terrible one of them has to lose early, but WHAT a MATCH we get to see! Let’s gooooo!

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@AEW @riho_gtmv Make sure Marty Scrull isn’t ringside for this one. He may mistaken Riho for being underaged 😂

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 1 month ago

@AEW @riho_gtmv Welcome home.

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@AEW @riho_gtmv YAY!!!

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 1 month ago

@AEW @riho_gtmv Let's Go!!

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“i got school tomorrow dude”

➪any rt’rs in chat?? they r cool :]

#dttwtselfieday #happybirthdaysapnap

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Happy birthday sapnap!
--> #dttwtselfieday
--> rts are okay!
This was the obly alr photo of me i had 😭

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happy sapnap day!!
• rts are cool :)

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[ #dttwtselfieday]
everyone who did dttwtseflieday i’m currently banging your mom.
-rt’s are so sexyhotmfs

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Happy New Month Dear🥂🍻

#March2021 #MarchForErica #HappyNewMonth #March #MarchWish #davido #dttwtselfieday #MondayMotivation #Mondayvibes #MondayMorning #MondayMood #Monday #MondayBlues #MondayNightMovin #MonsterHunter #MondayThought #MondayBlessings 1st Of March We March

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not me using my mc skin for a selfie day because I’m too lazy to take one 😗✌🏼
>> #dttwtselfieday #happybirthdaysapnap
>> { rts are pog }

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