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 4 weeks ago

The Virginia Senate has voted to censure state Sen. Amanda Chase, a Republican who is a candidate for governor, following her comments earlier this month referring to the rioters who stormed the US Capitol as "patriots"

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@DinoLife2007 @CNN It was terrible , but it was sedition and not treason , which is giving aid and comfort to an enemy nation with which the USA has a declared war .

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@bronwyn_kilroy @CNN What is wrong with people these days

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@CNN We won't forget.

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 4 weeks ago

@CNN Good start!

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@CNN This woman should NOT be in a position of power.

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 4 weeks ago

@CNN Trump told them he loved them and they were “special”, yet the GOP wants to move on from accountability for him... 🤔

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 4 weeks ago
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 4 weeks ago

@CNN That won't change her mind, but at least there is some accountability.

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@CNN See that’s how you should treat terrorist sympathizers

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