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 2 weeks ago
Scottish nationalists set for record majority, boosting independence push

Scottish nationalists set for record majority, boosting independence push

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@yperniam1 @Reuters So do we Scots! (At least, 57-58% of us, and rising.)

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@dejiplus @Reuters They had links to the Nazi's back in the day.

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 2 weeks ago

@Reuters Questions out of ignorance: How would this impact Brexit or Scottish inclusion in the EU? Where would that leave Britain?

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@Reuters I want to see an independent Scotland...

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@Reuters Good

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@Reuters Brave Heart All over again?!!!! Wallace over Longshanks?

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 2 weeks ago

@Reuters When she looks at you like that you know you're in for it.

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 2 weeks ago

@Reuters Go Scotland, run like the wind.

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I want to shout out to all comrades currently taking part in the investment game against the #HedgeFunds .
Please be careful and only use money that you can afford to lose. I've seen crashes lots of times and #GameStop , #AMC , #GME etc WILL crash eventually and people will lose

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Yo wtf is going on in Robinhood and other retail trading apps? Isn’t this illegal??? #HedgeFunds #amcstock #GME #CNBC #amc #bb #RobinHood

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Too many leftists think that what’s happening in wall-street is an anti capitalism movement. It is corporatism vs capitalism and the worker. Wealth is being redistributed but fairly in a way capitalism works #amc #NOK #GME #HedgeFunds #Communism

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Imagine using a trading app that allows you to buy, but forces you to sell when it suits them #FuckThat #RobinHood #amcstock #HedgeFunds

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Didn’t 45 just dump trillions in this market to keep it artificially elevated so rich folks won’t whine and lose everything? What happened to the supposed free market. The stock market is gambling for the poor but for the rich it’s a rigged moneymaker #HedgeFunds

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I need to stop deleting my tweets. I tweeted this last month, "I hope people INVEST their 600 dollars (stimulus money) and turn into millions".. it happened with the stock market for reddit posters.. Congrats millionaires.. #HedgeFunds are pissed because they lost BILLIONS 😂💵💰

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@thejmw @Reuters Did anyone really think the investment banks that run the hedge funds would allow this. No f way. The house always wins. #HedgeFunds

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