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 2 weeks ago

Petition calls for U of Michigan regent to resign for not blaming Trump over Capitol riot

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 2 weeks ago

@Albert97164279 @FoxNews Do you know how to look into the future? I can say for sure that no one in Russia has enough intelligence and tools to influence the EU's decision. Yes, there were attempts, but as usual, Putin did not succeed.

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 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews I call for Dominion to SUE FOX. FOX needs to be held accountable for their part in inciting violence by spewing lies day after day. I HOPE FAUX NEWS IS SUED OFF THE AIR PERMANENTLY.

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 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews Soon the facts about the Muller report will be out to show just how corrupted Trump and the White House was plus all the information regarding Russian involvement carried out by Trump’s and the Republican Senators!
This all my take some time but it will come out!

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 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews Dangerous

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 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews Does anyone seriously believe the Trump really did not incite the actions that followed? The language used was deliberate.. FIGHT COMBAT, TAKE BACK and more. The president knows his followers hang on every word, so don't act innocent when his followers react in this way.

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 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews Every day, police, fire fighters go to work, not knowing if they will come home.

Lawyers & judges prosecute hardened criminals

Nurses, Drs, & spt staff face CV19

Soldiers face death

but GOP law makers were too scared of Trumpstain's mob to vote to impeach.


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@FoxNews Watch this video if you can stomach it


@gop and Republicans stick with Trump and his TOXIC rhetoric that delivered this.

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@FoxNews But they resigned Harbaugh???

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