The Senate should make Donald Trump the first American president in history to be impeached and convicted. He must serve as an example of how vehemently the country rejects a leader who tramples its constitution

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@wayne_tr3a Profile picture Wayne R.


 1 week ago

@l_hansard @TheEconomist Trump was rejected. He lost, regardless of the number of votes he secured; Biden secured more.
The bigger issue is how 74M voters can be so egregiously blind to the moral turpitude & ethical corruption of Trump.
Two impeachments is not partisan politics; it is a threat response.

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@karuejames Profile picture Karūe


 1 week ago

@afapacheco92 @TheEconomist Including Liz Cheney?

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@TheEconomist America and democracy ?????

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@TheEconomist This is a rubbishy biased article shame on you @TheEconomist running leftist radical views!

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@DimitriOgnev Profile picture 🔥OGNEV


 1 week ago

@TheEconomist “He must serve as an example” for the others who dare to stand up against the Big Tech and its media.

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@l_hansard Profile picture Luke Hansard


 1 week ago

@TheEconomist The US didn’t reject him. He got more votes than last time. People can be bad winners as well as sour losers

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@afapacheco92 Profile picture RedRiot


 1 week ago

@TheEconomist Agreed, but republicans don’t have a conscience so 🤷🏻‍♂️

Correction: all but 10 GOP don’t have a conscience

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@TheEconomist 🏆🙏😷

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@KwKuester Profile picture KWKuester


 1 week ago

@TheEconomist Agreed

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Pogba proving he can be trusted as part of the midfield 2

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@SamanthaQuek He's on his way as quick as possible.. wouldn't be surprised if his stationary bike traveled all the way to to Old Trafford! @VirgilvDijk #FACup @EmiratesFACup #MUNLIV

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Y ahora es Greenwood quien le da el pase a Rashford quien no perdona y con calidad marca el 2-1 de Manchester United sobre el Liverpool. 👏🏻👏🏻 #FACup

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مان يونايتد 2-1 ليفربول

هدف راشفورد كاملا ⚽

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Van De Beek looks neat and tidy, nothing flashy but does a really good job #MUNLIV

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All liverpool fans right now

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Baguslah kalo LFC kalah toh bapuk bgt ,biar manejemen melek cen asu toku pemain Cok #MUNLIV

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