@FoxNews Profile picture Fox News


 2 weeks ago

Pelosi announces fines for members avoiding metal detectors at Capitol

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@HooffTyler Profile picture Tyler Hooff


 2 weeks ago

@notmypresidentn @FoxNews @mtgreenee probably has a conspiracy for metal detectors too.

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@petronus20 Profile picture Never to Late


 2 weeks ago

@OMAKAROCKS @FoxNews agreed - only thing Pelosi could do - the behaviour of some (too many) Republican Congress members is disgraceful - what type of people voted them in is the worrying part
I cannot believe that 74 million people like trump - that is too hard to accept -

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@JB35280332 @FoxNews In between Trumps 2 impeachmentโ€™s ๐Ÿ˜˜

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@JB35280332 Profile picture JB


 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews Where will Nancy put her flask?

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 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews So no more pandemic?

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@FoxNews They shouldnโ€™t be able to enter the capitol. comply with the new rules for safety, otherwise find new employment. Without a problem, Our children experience these changes after watching their classmate get murdered by a school shooter..
Members need to put their big girl pants on

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@notmypresidentn Profile picture AGreen


 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews That is M. Greene walking past metal detector not through it!

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@rorn67 Profile picture Rob Oh


 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews Admit it, when you see Pelosi on the news y'all just wanna go..

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@igorbobic Profile picture Igor Bobic


 2 weeks ago

Stunned. Just stunned.

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