@Colts Profile picture Indianapolis Colts


 1 week ago

A decade of having our blind side.

Thank you for everything, AC.

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@duda_zippy Profile picture Zippy D. Duda


 1 week ago

@JeffDun73311514 @Colts Happy next-career!. His can-do attitude wil give him a great new chapter.

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@PRIME_BLACKMON @Colts That’s surprising. I’m not a colts fan but I thought this guy had multiple pro bowls.

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@YeeYee1776 Profile picture Colt


 1 week ago
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@RobinsLucas Profile picture Lucas Robins


 1 week ago

@Colts I always called him: “Polian’s final gift to the Colts”. Gave Colts’ next 2 regimes a franchise LT to lead the OL. Without him Luck might have had an even shorter career.

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@LBusulo Profile picture Lucas


 1 week ago

@ColtsNationBR @Colts Primeiro draft que eu vi e colts seleciona ele , pra mim tras uma memoria afetiva que o tempo ta passando que é foda kkkk

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@Colts He belongs in the ring of honor. It's criminal he didn't get 1 pro bowl

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@Brady8Henry Profile picture Brady H.


 1 week ago

@Colts Quietly an insanely good career

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@RobinsLucas Profile picture Lucas Robins


 1 week ago

@Colts Has kept Colts passers blindside protected for 10 years. Started his rookie year protecting Painter and Orlovsky, ended protecting Rivers. Truly a great Colt 💪

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@Colts Ring of Honor.

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