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 2 weeks ago

House votes to impeach President Trump a second time, citing 'incitement of insurrection.'

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 2 weeks ago

@ResetTheTimer @FoxNews No, framed by the democrats

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@FoxNews The Trump Party, the Trump family, shunned by America.

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 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews Deflection from Covid now that Covid’s job is done...

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@FoxNews Good

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 2 weeks ago
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@FoxNews Its a good day for the USA.

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 2 weeks ago

So in a little over two years, Donald Trump lost the House, the Senate, the presidency, and got impeached twice.

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[THREAD] At this moment, you can see the importance of LEADERSHIP, both good and bad. The rioting at the Capitol happened because of a strong, charismatic, vile leader who gave voice to angst and racist fears. Now, leadership in the House - namely, Liz Cheney...(1/8)

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