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It's time to be brave. Get a taste for what horrors await in Little Nightmares II by tiptoeing through the free demo, available today on PS4 and PS5:

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@PlayStation My birthday is on Monday can I get a happy birthday from y’all

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@PlayStation Xbox has better exclusives and a better console and cheaper elite controller

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@PlayStation Xbox is so much better

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After my personal experience w/Covid, my sympathy for others dealing with this horrible virus & those that have lost loved ones has increased exponentially. I can’t imagine the fear experienced by those that died alone. Please stay safe & vigilant. #COVIDMemorial #COVID19memorial

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In loving memory... #COVIDMemorial

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Tonight we put a candle in our window in remembrance of those we’ve lost to COVID-19. May they have peace, and may we find a way forward. Dona nobis pacem. #COVIDmemorial

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Americans 🇺🇸 should gjust forgive Donald Trump and move on with their lives. What’s important is that he’s gone now. No use crying over spilt milk. Heal. #InaugurationDay #Trump #TrumpImpeachment #BidenHarrisInauguration #TrumpBanned #CNN #ImpeachedTwice #COVIDMemorial

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I light this candle for my Godfather, Uncle Greg. You meant so much more to me than you ever knew. Rest In Peace. #GoneTooSoon #covidmemorial @COVIDmemorial

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In New York, the Empire State Building flashed to honor those lost to Covid as well. #COVIDMemorial

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