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 1 week ago

Watch the tape of @Lj_era8 and the @Ravens offense from #SuperWildCard weekend in True View! #RavensFlock (via @BaldyNFL)

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 1 week ago

@coreyacj09w @NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL And 2 Ws over houston. Cry

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@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL @NickyCutta_

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@ljtwizzles @NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL Think itโ€™s the ladder

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@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL Your going to loose

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 1 week ago

@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL Love it

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@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL 0 passing TD's less then 200 yards passing & a int

Enough said

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 1 week ago

@baller8769 @NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL Overrated mahomes

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 1 week ago

@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL you gotta be either stupid or racist to have some kind of vendetta against this man

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@NFL @Lj_era8 @Ravens @BaldyNFL ๐Ÿ Lamar

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#TheView hey right wingers' we had a party wednesday you were invited... lady gaga...my man john legend...tom hanks fireworks smiles again ... the democrats are a party you're boys ended up a mob... cmon down dudes...

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@TheView The "ladies" of #TheView are nothing but paid Dem operatives who spew hate and lies. It's a joke that they accuse others of misinformation when they have peddled lies about President Trump for over four years. Sick people. Don't be afraid and get an real Conservative on the show!

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Did @MeghanMcCain just say she comes from a mixed race marriage? I must have heard that wrong.
She must have said family, I know she has an adopted sister. The one they used against her father in despicable push polls by fellow Republicans. The Democrats didnโ€™t do it.

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#TheView What the hell is Megan talkin bout mix race? Who the fuck is talkin bout mix races??? Ole racist bitch!!! They are a married couple, that's it.

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Mixed marriage?
Is it a mixed marriage when the man is old enough to be the father of his bride #TheView

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Everyday the #TheView is trending and everyday I click and regret it immediately.

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#TheView @sunny: absolutely I think true masculinity/real masculinity is not threatened @ ALL by his wifeโ€™s success #shesaidit #SAYTHATMAAM

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Looking like an episode of #trueblood. Yโ€™all makeup folk! ๐Ÿ›‘ โœ‹๐Ÿพ right now. #TheView that red eyeliner #fail

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