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 2 weeks ago

McConnell furious with president, thinks impeachment will help 'rid' GOP of him

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 2 weeks ago

@ChuckWagner1993 @FoxNews What if, and bear with me here, there is a future for conservatism that doesn’t involve warmongering OR trumps destructive demagoguery

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@CTRexPope @FoxNews 5 years too late

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@FoxNews Huh

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@FoxNews Ah yes, we’re all glad to go back to Bush-ism and it’s unending wars and corporate bail outs

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 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews These politicians who have been around since the dinosaurs existed need to go

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@FoxNews Let it be old man let it be!

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@FoxNews Amen. Preach.

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 2 weeks ago

@FoxNews Watching the GOP finally turn on Trump is glorious (despite the fact that they are way too late).

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Politicians say they are fighting Wall Street now saving Wall Street from losing at their own game @SenWarren @AOC please do something about normal day investors being locked out of their positions today because platforms are caving to loser #HedgeFunds Nobody is breaking the law

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Prime example why the little guy will never get ahead. #wallstreet , #hedgefunds , #robinhood .

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Traders in meltdown as Reddit forum leaves hedge fund on the brink of bankruptcy - The London Economic #Alts #HedgeFunds #AlternativeInvestments

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Lol didn't expect this. Timing is jokes
#RobinHood #Webull #HedgeFunds #GameStop #AMC #nokiastock #crypto

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Down with Wall Street! Down with #HedgeFunds! Robinhood shouldve fought back. Wall Street is Rigged! #thursdaymorning

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@stoolpresidente @RobinhoodApp Nobody is going to have to explain anything! Nobody’s going to jail! They won’t even get a harshly worded letter! We all know what’s going on. Gotta protect the #HedgeFunds from the #Peasants! The #ServantClass needs to stay in its place. #MakeGodBleed

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Shorting Stock Explained in 2min.

#GameStop #WallStreetBets #WallStreet #AMC #Robinhood #HedgeFunds

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The Reddit Gamestop story is a tale of what can be done collectively for the greater good - causing pain to disaster capitalist pond-life.

LOL! More of this please.


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