Our medical staff has played the most important role during COVID.

From putting their lives at stake to cure others to act as a backbone for the patients who combatted the disease as well as the stigma.

We will be forever grateful to these #HerosOfTheFrontline

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@adv_jindal Profile picture GAGAN JINDAL


 1 week ago

@SatyendarJain @ArvindKejriwal I dont know why Covid 19 feels like a hoax.

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@savikundu Profile picture Jitender


 1 week ago

@SatyendarJain Its nice but sir please listen to us too, i hv cmplnt mny tims bt u never replied. Pls fill our houses with lights as v hv no lights even after applying and deposting meter fees. Pls sir pls, help us.

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@SatyendarJain @ArvindKejriwal @JPBhaiBJP @ArvindKejriwal @HMOIndia @MCTA_RN_SOLANKI
पता नहीं ये हुक्मरान कब नींद से जागेंगे

गर पूछ लो कौन है हमारी इस दशा का जिम्मेदार
तो ये पक्ष और विपक्ष वाले सब बगलें झाँकेंगे।
हमें हमारा वेतन दो
हड़ताल पर उतरी दिल्ली नगर निगम कर्मी...
LG महोदय संज्ञान कब लोगे...?

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@SatyendarJain Grateful to You also.

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@twiceuday Profile picture @TwiceUday


 1 week ago

@SatyendarJain Awesome

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Is anyone else on the edge of their seat waiting for Trump’s healthcare plan???? #ByeDon #BidenTakeAction #BidenHarrisInauguration

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What I wouldn’t give for that feeling of excitement and hope the night before a new administration, broadly aligned with my personal values & vision, sits behind big desks with new A4 note books and binders ... yep it’s been that long #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Read some of these replies, some of these peeps actually discuss why #KamalaHarris is resigning since #BidenHarrisInauguration isn't really happening.

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Love that Christmas Eve is trending #BidenHarrisInauguration

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We wish you God's guidance @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris

#GoodRiddance #DonaldTrump #ByeByeTrump
#InaugurationDay #Inauguration #Inauguration2021
#BidenHarrisInauguration #PresidentBiden

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#BidenHarrisInauguration will be a day of joy & celebration. The collective sigh. The work doesn’t stop here folks. Sustainability is of the utmost importance. Keep community building, keep your activism up, keep educating yourself. It’s the only way to climb!

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1/19/21 day before #BidenHarrisInauguration

DOW: 30,976
NASDAQ: 13,182
Brent: 54.69
WTI: 52.49
Natural gas: 2.65
Unemployment rate: 6.7% (December)
Inflation rate: 1.6% end of 2020
Average cost of living: 93.9(TX) 187.2 (NY) 149.9 (CA)
Rig count: 373

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