Replying to @MODSUN: “FLAMES” just entered the @itunes top songs charts 🥺

Listen now 💚 @AvrilLavigne…

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“FLAMES” just entered the @itunes top songs charts 🥺

Listen now 💚 @AvrilLavigne

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So Brandon’s parents really thought he would fly his fiancé out to work on a farm and not bond because they only see each other in passing #90DayFiance

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Did Brandon and his parents ever have a conversation about him taking over the farm!? Is that what he wants?
And the answer is no. He just wants to “go off” with Julia and do their thing? What exactly is he qualified to “go off” and do? #90DayFiance

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Brandon and his family are awfully pale and pasty looking for a bunch of farmers who spend their time in the sun. Don't these MFs tan?? #90dayfiance

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Yara you’re not homesick. You is pregnit. #90dayfiance

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Yara I like you but we need to something about that hair boo #90DayFiance

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Rebecca gonna push Zied around in that shopping cart when they go to the grocery store? #90DayFiance

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Did Brandon tell Julia about the farm and farm work before she moved halfway across the world? #90DayFiance

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Natalie HATES Mike!!!! There Natalie I said it for you!!!! #90DayFiance

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