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Replying to @AjayGnanamuthu: Ready ah??? See you at 10.32 AM πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ #Cobra #ChiyaanVikram #CobraTeaser @arrahman @Lalit_SevenScr @SrinidhiShetty7 @rosh…

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Ready ah??? See you at 10.32 AM πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ #Cobra #ChiyaanVikram #CobraTeaser @arrahman @Lalit_SevenScr @SrinidhiShetty7 @roshanmathew22 @dop_harish @theedittable @7screenstudio @SonyMusicSouth @sooriaruna @proyuvraaj

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The no selection thing is silly. It's the equivalent of refs making themselves part of a game; HoF voters should be ashamed of themselves

#MLB #HOF2021 #cooperstown

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"Every fifth day Curt's our horse. The other four days, he's our horse's ass." Exactly. #phillies #HOF2021

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14 blank ballots for the MLB hall of fame vote today. No one got in. Get rid of black ballots. #HOF2021 #MLBHOF

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@Ken_Rosenthal on the rise & fall of @gehrig38 from perennial Hall of Fame Pitcher to an outspoken guy going way off the rails with his political views after requesting to be removed from Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. #HOF2021

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Hypocrisy: The same baseball writers who looked the other way β€” and indirectly profited off renewed interest in baseball β€” during the steroid era are now playing the morality card on the players who created said renewed interest. #HOF2021

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@MLBNetwork @baseballhall @CampingWorld Ridiculous situation for a baseball museum. A change is warranted, please choose a committee that won’t treat it like a holy place #HOF2021

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If Buehrle had pitched for the Yankees, he’d be a first ballot Hall of Famer Baseball Person. #HOF2021

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JUST IN: $BZUN #HOF2021 @MarketWN @repWeed @squeezereport $CYBL $NXGB $PTOP $GME

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