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Replying to @AC360: The party's about to begin! 🥳

Join #CNNNYE with @MariahCarey @SnoopDogg @StephenAtHome @CameronDiaz @pitbull @thelesliejordan @…

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The party's about to begin! 🥳

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Wow. @ReginaKing @Powerkeni amazing work! And that final scene with @leslieodomjr singing A Change is Gonna Come...subhanallah it brought tears to my eyes. All the artists involved with #OneNightInMiami blessed us.

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Replying to @AlexLukeWood: My interview with @Powerkeni – the film version of his hit play #OneNightInMiami is available on Amazon Prime now.

Truly great cinema with some masterclass turns. #theatre

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#DaveRamsey #OneNightInMiami #billmaher

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This film should make noise in the award season, let that be known. #OneNightInMiami

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Listen @AldisHodge I’ve been in love with your work and you since you were on TNT’s leverage but wow #OneNightInMiami was phenomenal BRAVO!! @ReginaKing prepare your acceptance speech!!!

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Just finished #OneNightInMiami and @ReginaKing you did your thing girl!🙌🏾🙌🏾. Casting was spot on. So crazy to see somebody else play Malcolm X. I was impressed with @kingsleybenadir 👏🏾👏🏾 I really enjoyed the film and though their were great points from each character.

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Replying to @GianPisacane: Presentato fuori concorso a #Venezia77, arriva oggi su Amazon Prime Video "One Night in Miami" di Regina King. La recensione è su #OneNightInMiami #ReginaKing
- cinematografoIT

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#onenightinmiami is a must see film! What a wonderful story directed by @iamreginaking and amazing performances by @aldis_hodge @leslieodomjr @kingbenadir @therealeligoree

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