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 4 weeks ago

Quoted @Swtchlikefagz

Did any industry moms call or text and give advice @NICKIMINAJ ?

Ciara was sooooooo helpful. Bless her 🙏

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 4 weeks ago

@NICKIMINAJ did our nephew give you any weird food cravings?

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@NICKIMINAJ What was ariana's reaction when you told her you were pregnant

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@dionnewarwick #AskDionne have u seen Beyoncé black is king and do U now belive she’s a legend because she’s now made history to be the only woman to chart for 24 consecutive years..

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#AskDionne When you are in the car and one of your songs comes on the radio do you sing along 🎵🎵🎵

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In today’s culture with free porn at our fingertips, how do I beat my addiction to it? #AskDionne

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Do you believe in reincarnation? #AskDionne

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Where are you when you feel the most at peace?

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We help you To tweet as you like
All USA trends now, Part 1
Cloris Leachman
Young Frankenstein
The Last Picture Show
Frau Blucher
Raising Hope
Candace Parker

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Have you ever been to The Philippines? #AskDionne @dionnewarwick

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#AskDionne how do you maintain your positivity?

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