Where were you at when you found out that you were pregnant? @NICKIMINAJ

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@Chantal_Hacker_ @NICKIMINAJ In the parking lot of whole food and freaking out and screaming! (My windows were down btw) you can image the looks I was getting 😂 but I didn’t care!

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@Chantal_Hacker_ @NICKIMINAJ In my dorm room

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 4 weeks ago
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@talktograce2day @Chantal_Hacker_ @NICKIMINAJ @NICKIMINAJ follow me 😍

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@Chantal_Hacker_ @NICKIMINAJ @NICKIMINAJ can we get a small story how you told Kenneth and his reaction plz ❤️🦄

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 4 weeks ago

@Chantal_Hacker_ @NICKIMINAJ ask her when the 5th thing thing is coming out

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@Chantal_Hacker_ @NICKIMINAJ congrats chantal 💖

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Hey @RobinhoodApp this is true every day? Why the sudden need to remind me? Cause your pals in #wallstreetbets are loosing?

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#wallstreetbets and the biggest trading Discord are the main reason $amc and $gme are pumping. The discord with 180,000 members announced they are buying these stocks this morning. Check their last announcements:

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#wallstreetbets #WSBgang #wsb
Share this with all your friends and family!! We will win this war!!! Diamond hands everyone don’t let them scare you into selling!

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At this point who can honestly say that the #RepublicanParty is not the #WhiteSupremacists party. It seems to be who they are and what they represent. #wallstreetbets #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #BlackLivesMatter #silhouettechallenge

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So in 1 month Twitter went from Capitol insurrection to 'Reddit revolt' experts. What will February bring?🧐

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@masmasjawabgt #wallstreetbets is down on Discord. In 1 hour more than 50,000 people joined the other Discord that helped pushing the price of $GME and $AMC! They will continue tomorrow, join them:

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