Okay, we’re feeling a hole-in-one here. Remember, we’re giving away a year’s worth of beer if anyone can sink it during #TheMatch. Who will be the one to do it? #ULTRAGiftofGolf  #Sweepstakes

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At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The beer cart. Reply with #ULTRAGiftofGolf and #Sweepstakes for chance to win the ultimate trophy-on-wheels.

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Do you want Peyton's golf cart? Do you want Peyton's hoodie? You could win both.

We’re only halfway through #TheMatch and there’s still more to give away, including this golf cart. Get in on the fun by replying with #ULTRAGiftofGolf and #Sweepstakes for the chance to win.

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Second par three of #TheMatch. Who do you think is going to win one lucky fan a year’s worth of beer? Hint: probably not @TNTSirCharles. #ULTRAGiftofGolf  #Sweepstakes

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A hoodie is just like a quarter-zip with a hood, so why wouldn’t you wear one on the golf course? Join the hoodie movement. Reply with #ULTRAGiftofGolf and #Sweepstakes for a chance to win an ULTRA Hoodie Coolie.

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Golf tradition says getting a hole-in-one means buying someone a beer, so we’re giving away a year’s worth of ULTRA if someone sinks a hole-in-one during #TheMatch. If they do, come back and tweet #ULTRAGiftofGolf and #Sweepstakes to enter!

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If the most experienced golfers in the world can lose their ball, imagine how many times @TNTSirCharles will do it today. We’re giving away A YEAR’S WORTH of golf balls every time one is lost during #TheMatch. Reply with #ULTRAGiftofGolf and #Sweepstakes to enter to win.

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Need clubs? Of course you do. We’re giving away a bag and a set of clubs for every birdie scored during #TheMatch. Reply with #ULTRAGiftofGolf and #Sweepstakes to enter to win.

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A message from The Sheriff looking fresh in an ULTRA #ProHoodie ahead of #TheMatch.

Follow us and tweet #ULTRAGiftofGolf and #Sweepstakes to win Peyton's golf hoodie, a custom ULTRA golf cart and more.

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We’re giving away ULTRA golf prizes throughout #TheMatch, so turn on post notifications and follow our feed to get in on the action. #ULTRAGiftofGolf

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Another damn commercial 🙄 #AllAmerican

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Putting everything on Spencer lol man! #AllAmerican

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Ohhhh who is he gonna pick?? Tell me!! #AllAmerican

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why is spencer always making the decisions #AllAmerican

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not how jordan lose to jj #AllAmerican

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Spencer going with Chris watch #AllAmerican

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Primeira vez que vejo o JJ jogar kkkkkkkkkkk #AllAmerican

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I am rooting for Chris to get QB1 .... just sayin #AllAmerican

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