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 2 months ago

@quilt3r @CaslerNoel @JaneSoboleski @realDonaldTrump U are referring to @realDonaldTrump #diaperDon

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 3 months ago

@CaslerNoel @JaneSoboleski @realDonaldTrump Why would any respectful human being say this about another person whether it's TRUE or not. What a sad world we leave in to think this is okay. Shameful!

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 3 months ago

I wasn’t joking when I said Trump wears Depends, he has for years due to drug induced incontinence & fast food diet. We stopped more than one taping to clean up after ‘accidents’ even Depends are no match for his bodily functions. Crew called it ‘the Sh*t show.’ @realDonaldTrump

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Jen do us all a favor and also do yourself a favor and SHUT UP!!!! #RHOSLC

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My question is how Mary knows Jen is coocoo for coco puffs but none of these other women do! I wanna know what happened to those two before the show was ever even thought of. #RHOSLC

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It has taken three times for Jen to apologize and she still didn't mean it. #RHOSL #RHOSLC

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@YorkiesRPeople2 @heathergay29 I honestly don’t know how he stays married to her!! I hope she’s gone if there is a season 2 of #RHOSLC

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Didn’t think I’d be team Lisa, but here we are #RHOSLC

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It’s not even that deep #RHOSLC

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